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    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    Simple fix, sorry if it’s been mentioned. She should have been running for student body government. Specifically, governor of the student body. She has a good message that catches on and even does interviews with the press, which catches on with all of California. People write her name in, and she wins. Plot twist, she loses her run for student body governor. Yes, this school does governor not president.
  2. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Finished the movie and listened to some of the podcast. I too had a hard time following why Grouch set them up on the first heist just to get them to do a bigger heist. I mean, I understand it puts them in a position to not screw up again and this raise the stakes, but it wasn’t done well. A simpler early twist would be that they stole the art piece, got intercepted by another team, and that teams leader took it on the money plane to sell. To make it interesting, the piece of art to be stolen has a a code encrypted into it that is worth a lot, money, information, what ever. Grouch could then fully place blame on them for fucking up and give them one more chance to fix it, but also requires them to rob the plane while they are there because of the reasons given in the movie. At this point we should see Man Bun feel some hesitation about going into to the plane The rest can be more or less the same. Like, Harry does some research and figures out Grouch set up the the double cross because he has a vested interest in bringing down the plane, and for what ever reason Man Buns team is better equipped to do. We can learn at some point that Man Bun has a history with the plane or is worried he will bump into someone he’s wronged before that frequents the plane. There has to be a reason why this wasn’t his first and only assignment given to him by Grouch, if we are going to keep in Grouch fucking him over as a plot. Personally, I think it just complicates it and should be done away with. Instead, I’d go Witt Harry does some research and figures out that Grouch plans on killing them and their family whether they are successful or not. Bam! Grouch still gets taken down at end. anyway, this was a bad movie that turned into a so bad it’s good movie worth 5 bucks
  3. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Matthew Lawrence was a charm! Made me forget it was a bad movie with horrible set design, color scheme, and dialog that was written by someone that doesn’t fully understand how humans talk or interact.
  4. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Whoa this movie is batshit crazy. Any feel a opportunity was missed with Kelsey Grammer’s character? When he is first introduced he as a henchman pulls up a blank canvas behind Manbun, and soon after makes a threat to make a new painting with his brains. How much more threatening would it have been if we saw few of these paintings as Manbun walked in? Side-note, I’m only twenty minutes in but this reminds me of a worse version of Confidence, which hasn’t held up well overtime, but still has its charm.
  5. Nothing of substance to add, but, to this day I still quote the jaws scene. “29 kids go into the water, 22 come out, the ice cream man gets the rest.” makes no sense but I love it.
  6. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Lawyer here, Conflict of interest issues may arise if you sleep with a new client or any client whether a relation existed before or not. In general, probably not a good idea to represent a spouse or a close family member, especially if the stakes are high. While I have helped out some close family members and friends in the past without issues, there have been a few issues when it comes down to payment, or even how much time you put into the case. Demands can get high and sometimes unrealistic just because they may think you’ll treat them extra special and use some special law you don’t use on others. So, as the gentleman said on the recording, it depends on timing of relationship, but even then would you want to? I say it depends on the case, and the attorneys level of comfort with the area of law.
  7. ManScene ManVoice

    The Golden Child (1986)

    I’m ok with Batman 89, it didn’t age well for me, but without it Nolan’s Batman wouldn’t exist, and it was awesome when it came out. Same feels for Batman Returns, it was great when it came out, but overall meh today as far as a Batman movie goes. Main issues I have have with both is Batman kills, not just kills but murders. In Batman Returns, he doesn’t really give a crap when the Model falls off the roof from Penguins attack. No attempt to save her or anything. If memory serves correctly he makes out with Catwoman one minute later. In general, it’s just a weird portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Maybe it’s a version of Batman I don’t like, even though I enjoy each and every actor in both movies? Maybe I should rewatch again, will my hate grow? But I get the love for Burton during that period. I’m more of a Beetlejuice fan, as that movie holds up so damn good!
  8. ManScene ManVoice

    The Golden Child (1986)

    Oh man, this was a favorite growing up, but it did not age well at all. It has moments of humor, but overall very meh. My GF and I watched it 2 nights ago after listening to the Drop Dead Fred episode. I thought, “There’s no way this won’t be great!” My memory serves me wrong. Add this to the list of movies I shouldn’t have revisited. 1. Drop Dead Fred 2. Batman Returns 3. The Golden Child
  9. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Team sanity all the way! I watched this movie as a child and loved. I must have seen it 10-15 times on cable tv growing up. But, at some point I forgot about the movie. A few years ago I dated this girl that brought it up as one of her favorite movies, and I agreed, and decided to watch it for the first time in many years. Well less than halfway through I was like, “why did I like this?” I looked at her and could see a look of disappointment. We decided to pause the movie and get some food. When we got back home we didn’t restart the movie. I remember this night because it was when I realized revisiting some past movies that were loved should just not happen. I will add Batman returns to this list of movies not to go back to. You go digging up the past, all you’ll get is dirty.
  10. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode 216.5 - Minisode 216.5

    Sweet made it to the mini! Also got to see this live in Austin. I ended up liking the movie the second time around. A lot of the cringe dialog made more sense knowing a child wrote it haha
  11. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode 216 - Serenity: LIVE! (w/ Nick Kroll)

    Not a criminal law attorney, but anyone here think Patrick could get away with defense of another? Looking at the laws of Florida, assuming Patrick lives in Florida, I think his actions may constitute defense of another. The rule says you can defend yourself or another with deadly force of you reasonably believe that such conduct is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself/herself or to another. Here, his mother was getting beaten and being told, “I’ll put you in a hole.” Through a child’s perspective and experience with this step father, he could reasonably believe deadly force was necessary. The only issue is he was playing the game for who knows how long before he acted, and he seemingly was hyping himself up to do the kill. This doesn’t make it seem like self defense of another if he had time to think about his action to come, then it comes off as preplanned vs spontaneous self defense. In general, defense of another is usually applied when a person sees another person in danger and steps in to help. Self defense is a bit easier to explain as you can generally only strike back if the attack is continuous. Basically, it’s not self defense if you hit someone after they punch you and walk away. To me, this situation isn’t exactly the same knowing he essentially planned it out.
  12. ManScene ManVoice

    Episode 216 - Serenity: LIVE! (w/ Nick Kroll)

    I have a few ideas about how the script came to be. 1) it was a really good script, a throw back to a classic noir type movie, but the studios interfered and wanted to be more modern. 2) it was a really good script, but the main concept got lost while filming. This happens a lot. 3) it was a really bad script that, and a producer was like, “man, this is like a 12 year old wrote a noir type movie.” Then someone else in the room said, “what if it’s a video being coded by a 12 year old and that’s why the dialog is bad?” 4) they filmed Matthew McConaughey without him knowing and they came out with this.
  13. ManScene ManVoice


    It was nuts! I got there at 2:30 or so and was waiting by the Starbucks. Didn’t make it in till 3:10 or so and some chick was in my seat, and acted like it’s cool you can go somewhere else. She wouldn’t move until she was told by staff that her and her group sat one seat off. Like wtf? I had to sit next to her the whole time made the show feel awkward for a bit. Oh well haha.
  14. ManScene ManVoice

    Serenity (2019)

    Austin show was a blast! So impressed with how fast paul moves around the venue. I figured they edited from question to question to kill any dead space, but they don’t need to. Paul was downstairs one moment then up in the balcony in seconds! Got to appreciate the hustle.
  15. ManScene ManVoice

    Live Austin showing for tomorrow

    I’ll be going tomorrow, but just felt a little gross buying Serenity (2019) on amazon. Anyone else buy instead of rent this due to it being just 4 dollars more to rent? Oh well, time to watch a movie I had no interest in watching. The things I do for HDTGM.