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  1. Cody Meirick

    The Ice Pirates (1984)

    Yeah I'll bump this. This is a solid choice. I can totally see them having fun with this. Saw it a lot as a kid... not sure what channel it was on, but whatever it was, it was on a lot.
  2. Cody Meirick

    Super Fuzz AKA Super Snooper (1980)

    I just wanted to add that there are a lot of great Amazon reviews... tons of 5 Stars that I can already hear Paul using... Corkey Memories of a Corkey Movie It was the summer of 1981. The lights of a small movie theater in Warren, Ohio dimmed as the flickering images of a little known film called "Super Fuzz" began to dance across the silver screen. I was 11 years old, then. From the back row I gazed at the colorful opening and tapped my toe to the disco rhythms of the title song, as I prepared myself to be wisked into the heavens of movie making bliss... Ha Ha Hah Victory! Finally a dvd. It's great to see that a studio is releasing this underground classic on dvd. It will finally be mine. I originally taped this movie off hbo in the early eighties when I was 5 years old. I used to run around elementary school impersonating the movie's scene stealer, Tony Torpedo. 'NOW HE'S GONNA GET THE CHAIR, I'D LIKE TO SEE THE SON OF A BITC# GET OUTTA THAT!'...
  3. Cody Meirick

    Super Fuzz AKA Super Snooper (1980)

    I was getting ready to post this movie recommendation, but searched and saw that it has been mentioned years ago. I want people to return to this film and find that it is absolutely perfect for HDTGM. Super Fuzz, AKA Super Snooper (1980) I always had a vague memory of it growing up and then returned to it as an adult. It is bonkers and seems perfect for the guys. It's an early attempt at a superhero movie around the same time the first Superman movies were coming out. Italian filmmakers thinking they could make their own Superman, kind of. The dubbing, the music, the absurdity. I have a fondness for it, but it's pretty insane and I think they would love it. Fun Points Include: 1. A wraparound that involves the main character's execution, but you know, funny and lighthearted. 2. Blowing a bubblegum into a makeshift helium balloon that they ride on. 3. Shooting a military missile/nuke with a handgun. 4. His powers are affected by color, which is weird and confusing and funny. The rarity of the color red isn't exactly like kryptonite. 5. Effects that include obvious dummies. 6. They REALLY really invested in this one theme song, which is catchy, but played over and over again. 7. He awkwardly walks on water. Literally. 8. A lot of weird "Americanisms" because the film was done by mostly Italians. 9. Oh yeah, he falls through the Earth and ends up in China.