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  1. Sharky86


    I think the characters in Jaws feel like actual people. The characters in Jurassic Park feel like characters. There's an authentic feeling with Jaws that I don't think it appreciated enough. I also think Brody is a really unsung everyman hero. He's overshadowed by Quint and Hooper to an extent, but he's a great character and his qualities are built up so well over time and so subtly. Like him throwing the tank into the shark's mouth. He knows about the tank's explosiveness thanks to Hooper, but he has the idea planted into his mind earlier when looking through the books. He's shown to be able to learn and pick up things quickly. Quint teaches him how to tie knots and after a couple failures, he gets it soon after. Even his fear of the water is slowly erased. When Alex Kitner is attacked, Brody won't even stick his feet into the surf to yell for everyone to get out of the water. Then Hooper gets him drunk enough to go out onto a boat, then for the 4th of July, Brody runs almost waist deep into the water to pull his son back onto shore. Then he spends the rest of the movie out on the open ocean. Even his clothes on the boat change. He starts out in a full slicker, then just in the pants and then he's finally just wearing his regular clothes. It's not called attention to either. He just changes naturally. I also want to add in something about the Indianapolis scene and Brody lifting his shirt to reveal his scar. I think he's clearly envious at Hooper and Quint bonding over their shared stories and battle wounds and Brody has none to contribute. Hooper and Quint are together in one shot and Brody is off in his own shot on the other side of the cabin. He feels still distant from the others, which is interesting to me because Both Hooper and Quint do seem to like or at least respect Brody, but he still feels inferior to them, but then the laughs and the story finally bring them together until they are all singing together in one shot.
  2. Sharky86


    Been waiting since the start of this podcast to hear about this movie! I think there's more depth to the mayor than Is often credited. He really does seem to act in what he feels is best for the town and not just selfishly. Like when Hooper wants to cut open the tiger shark, Vaughn doesn't object as a means to cover it up, but out of decency. Or just before the 4th of July, when Brody and Hooper are arguing with him, he's not ignoring evidence, he asks to see the tooth and they don't have one. This is what copycats fail at and just have the mayor be a greedy SOB just for the hell of it.
  3. Sharky86

    Upcoming Episodes

    Surprised they didn't do Jaws during the summer considering it was the original summer blockbuster.
  4. I think Age of Extinction is the most bad. A lot that Paul and Co. can talk about from Kelsey Grammer to Stanley Tucci, to TJ Miller's hilarious death, to the weird relationship between Mark Wahlberg and his daughter to his daughter's borderline illegal relationship with a 20 year old. The last 2 movies have some bonkers moments so both can provide some classic episodes.
  5. Sharky86

    Quest for Camelot (1998)

    It rips off so many Disney tropes at the time that it's really shocking. The main female character looks just like Belle. There's a fantastical sidekick that makes countless pop culture references. Dead parent. Totally wastes an amazing voice cast. Gary Oldman is forced to say the line "The ogre's butt." That alone is worth induction.
  6. Sharky86

    Star Kid (1997)

    I accept the spelling because I think the suit is meant to blend, in this case, human and machine together thus it's akin to a cyborg. If it was spelled "cybersuit" that would mean more of a Lawnmower Man kind of thing where the suit is in virtual reality since "cyber" means more internet and computers.
  7. Sharky86

    John Wick 3

    It was a fucking fantastic film. Best fights scenes I've seen in a long long time. I did almost cheer in the theater when Mantzoukas appears on screen the first time. Geostorm nearly came out of my lips.
  8. Sharky86

    Saving Private Ryan

    I feel the need to talk about this. WE clearly see his family filming Old Man Ryan as they are walking through the cemetery. They clearly knew why they were there and that Ryan was a veteran. They're walking behind him out of reverence and respect. Letting him go through what he's going through. Them milling around him asking questions would be a little inappropriate. Maybe he didn't tell his family the exact details about what happened to him at the end of the war. Or maybe he did, but didn't say names. The man lost his entire platoon seemingly, in addition to 6 of the 8 men sent to rescue him. That has to weigh heavily on you.
  9. So after having watched Holiday in Handcuffs, I kept seeing My Fake Fiancé pop up in my Hulu suggestions and I finally watched it and was kind of amazed at how it was basically the exact same movie minus the kidnapping. Melissa Joan Hart plays a single woman who is the black sheep of her family and she comes up with a plot to fake a relationship to meet her own selfish needs. In this case, she spends all her money buying a house and then has her moving van stolen. So she comes up with a plot to fake a wedding in order to replace all her furniture and appliances with another 90's teen heartthrob in Joey Lawrence. Oh, and just like Holiday in Handcuffs, MJH again plays a woman who is just SHIT upon by her parents. Within the first 5 minutes of the movie these characters meet for the first time and immediately begin sniping at each other and being generally unlikable. I think the wildest scene is when MJH and Joey are taking care of her niece and nephew and they share a bed for the first time and finally give in to temptation and begin hardcore making out. They get interrupted, but they were full on going to the Bone Zone with 2 young children in the next room!
  10. Sharky86

    Robin Hood (2018)

    I just saw this today and I am PISSED! I am legit angry at one of my best friends for making me watch this piece of garbage!
  11. Sharky86

    Serenity (2019)

    Oh my God. Just read the wiki and I'm blown away. I'll admit, I had been interested in seeing the movie because I loved the cast and it looked like a decent mystery. Now though, I'm just gobsmacked.
  12. Sharky86

    Duck Soup

    Listened to this episode today and something that stuck out to me that I didn't see mentioned here was the lack of a romance plot as compared to the other Marx Bros movies and like Paul, I usually would check out when those plots came on screen. I think for me, the reason is because they feel so useless to the main plot. They could be lifted out and you're not losing anything. Animal Crackers is great and funny, but the romantic subplot is so boring that it could be lifted from the movie and you're not missing anything. The lack of one in Duck Soup I think helps the story flow so much better because you're not stopping everything for 2 bland characters making moon eyes at each other. The one time I feel the romance works, ironically, is in the other Marx Bros movie on the AFI list, A Night At The Opera. The reason I think it works better there is that the romantic characters are actually woven into the main plot with the Marx Bros. There's a camaraderie amongst those characters. That helps a lot. It's not perfect, but they at least kind of matter. I'll also give Zeppo a little due. His best laugh was in Animal Crackers when Groucho has him take a letter and after rambling on as only he can, Zeppo admits that he didn't think anything Groucho said was important so he omitted it from the letter. That got a genuine laugh from me.
  13. I got the impression WHM was more of a desk jockey and the dirty cops seemed to be in narcotics so it's possible he wouldn't have known her especially if she was from a different precinct. I do love how WHM is much older, had not seen much action in his years on the force, and was very much thinking about retirement, but he's a perfect shot. Is able to leap through the air and aim and fire his gun perfectly, he beats up a guy at least 15 years his junior, and even knows how he can distract Bayback in the house by knocking over the fish bowl and he's able to slide out from cover to do it. For having never needed to even draw his weapon in 27 years, he displayed skills that John Wick would be impressed by. Also, I could listen to Los Angelino Jason Statham for hours!
  14. Sharky86

    Commando (1985)

    This IMO is peak Arnold. Everything there is to love about Arnold and his movies is perfectly represented in this big, dumb, stupid, funny movie.
  15. Sharky86


    So way late to this party, but I'm generally late to the Unspooled party anyway. Bill Paxton actually did a skit on SNL that was about this and he starts berating her when she hems and haws about where the diamond is. Her granddaughter even yells at her for sitting on a multi-million dollar diamond the whole time. It was very funny. I think Titanic is good, but it has flaws. I think everything about the ship and the sinking is amazing. The movie makes you feel like you are right there on the ship as everything is happening. The antithesis of that I feel is the love story. It feels too derivative compared to how innovative the actual sinking of the ship feels. Jack and Rose actually disappear for much of the sinking and I feel the movie is at its strongest at that moment. Personally, I felt aside from Rose and Victor Garber's character, all the other characters felt so flat. We know who they are, but that's it. We can identify them and that's all. It's nice, but I wouldn't mind a little more dimension aside from Cal and Lovejoy who devolve into cartoon characters. Ultimately, I do feel the positives outweigh the negatives of the movie.