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  1. todayiwatchedamovie

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    If Signor was so obsessive about realism vs. imagination, why did he think any of the kids' drawings were any good? Jim the dog was facing forward on the pedestal, yet every single kid drew him from the side.
  2. todayiwatchedamovie

    Episode 215 - The Country Bears (w/ Kulap Vilaysack)

    If I remember correctly, Queen Latifah mentions in the bar that she can't get Zeb Zoober to stop calling her "Cha-Cha". Also, during the closing credits documentary footage, she's wearing the same outfit she had on during the movie. Therefore, I think she was actually playing herself both times, and they just chose to call her "Cha-Cha" as sort of a joke in the closing credits.