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  1. Hi there! My name is Adam, and I'm a writer/director in Vancouver BC. A few years ago I was listening to the Phantom episode of HDTGM, when Jason referred to a scene as "recon the movie." Or maybe it was "reconnaissance the movie"? Either way, I thought it was a funny idea, so I wrote a script, and we found a parking lot, and it's an actual movie that you can hold in your hands (if you download it and then hold your laptop or whatever...) Point is, we're nobody so nobody's seen it. So we'd like for YOU to see it! It's called The Reconnaissance of Josie Laurene and it's literally one character sitting in a parking lot for an hour! But a fun hour...? And look, a trailer! If you're so inclined, follow this here link , click on the purchase button, and use code "howdidthisgetmade" at checkout to receive all of the movie for non of the money! Thanks everyone! Adam