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    MR.WRITE's Presidential Library Suggestions?

    Heyo! Big Fan of Mr. Write, Paul Brittain kills it every time and his guests are pretty stellar. I go back to it pretty frequently and would love to hear some more!
  2. Incredible Episode! Incredible Comedians! Amazing set! Other Things!! Thanks for the Rebroadcast!
  3. Mick Schmickell

    Episode 270 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder Part 2

    Hey ya'll1st time, long time. What's the deal with GOJIRA RECORDS? are the boyzzz super into metal? Because that would be super cool if they were! Do they know that GOJIRA means Godzilla and that's Monster like a skellington but lots larger like over 3 skellingtons. Even if you stood them heads on heads. The GOJIRA monster is bigger. Great Shows. Makes me laugh ALL the times. MWah!