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  1. tropiconan

    Episode 60 - Jim Gaffigan

    I have to imagine it's because Jim doesn't have time to follow stupid shit like this, but CMA *always* has "drama". It's almost always related to someone not being asked to perform and someone else was. Pretty much like the scene in the newest A Star is Born.
  2. tropiconan

    Episode 21 - Nicole Byer

    Well considering she wasnt serious, yeah no one would give a fuck. Because they are joking on a podcast. Im sure you think white men are being oppressed in this day and age somehow. Christ, Its hilarious when a Black Woman makes jokes at the expense of a white person, people like you want to jump so quick to say "SEE IT HAPPENS TO US!!! SHES THE REAL RACIST!". Man, please try better to understand what racism and sexism is. Nicole Byers doesn't look down on white people, she doesnt think they are lesser people because of their skin. She isnt oppressing anyone and she is sure as hell isnt being a bigot. My god you do not know the definition of that word.
  3. tropiconan

    Episode 21 - Nicole Byer

    boy, you really have no idea what those words mean. This was one of the funniest episodes theyve done, it was a fucking joke. Its not racist to say Van Helen makes white people music LOL Its called a joke. Believe it or not, white people aren't oppressed my dude. Making a joke that Van Helen makes white music literally does nothing racist, its a stereotype.
  4. tropiconan

    Episode 20 - Ben Stiller

    Can i just say, fuck yeah to whoever decided to have a longer interview segment for this episode. It made for a great one
  5. tropiconan

    Episode 18 - Michelle Obama

    Fuckin loved it
  6. tropiconan

    Episode 11 - Dana Carvey

    I love Carvey but does he live under a rock? Why the hell would making a joke about Hepburn looking at Stewart's dick get him in trouble?
  7. tropiconan

    Episode 8 - Marc Maron

    Honestly, why does Conan need Earwolf? I feel the ADs are so intrusive and overbearing, plus it gets edited down to even less time so its literally like half Ads and 25 minutes of interviews.