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    The Dungeonmaster (1984)

    Just watched this one and....wow? Begins with the coldest of cold opens (or should I say HOT open, as I’m sure Jason would). Bull from Night Court is the Devil, has a Dancersize??? segment, puppet demons; you know, everything a great movie needs. I would love a frame by frame breakdown of this piece of celluloid mastery. Also the non US title is Ragewar, which I’m not sure how that ties into the plot. Think Ready Player One without the nostalgia or quality. Also, this:
  2. DogSqueeze99

    Guardians (2017)

    Just watched this thanks to Quarantine; Holy Cow this is bad! No idea if the English dub makes it bad, or if it was just that bad to begin with. Favorite line, “you were beaten last time because of your lack of access to rocks” And just in case you needed another reason to watch, there is a Man-bear with a backpack minigun!
  3. DogSqueeze99

    Deadly Friend (1986)

    Replying to bump it up. Too many newer movies, need to get back to the goldmine that is the 80s!
  4. DogSqueeze99

    Arcade (1993)

    I submit for your viewing pleasure, “Arcade” from 1993. Stars include Peter Billingsley (Ralphie from A Christmas Story), Megan Ward (from Encino Man, PCU, Freaked), Seth Green, COUNTESS OF DEVON A. J. Courtenay (née Langer) (My So-Called Life, Escape From LA) to name a few. Also the writer went on to do Batman Begins, Dark City, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman. CGI is so bad that it is hard to believe this was released the same year as Jurassic Park, Demolition Man, Last Action Hero, Leprechaun.....ok, maybe those last few are bad examples. Has the look of the VHS interactive games that you could play at home. Also has some good Amazon 5 star reviews. Enjoy, and give me that baby!!
  5. DogSqueeze99

    Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984)

    Bump to bring to the top! https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0096402/?ref_=m_nm_knf_i3 “Rock” “Comedy” Musical from 1984 starring Pia Zadora, Craig Sheffer, and Jermaine Jackson. Comes complete with music videos: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sJZC54x1SVY