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    Episode 10 - Ron Funches

    This doesn't deal so much with the recent podcast but the show over all. The podcast is great most of the time. I didn't care so much for the Wanda Syckes interview she seemed really bored or boring. I don't know which. I don't watch Conan on television much but more on YouTube. This podcast has helped me understand Conan so much more and I really enjoy his comedy. I would probably like to see him in concert knowing that he doesn't work blue in his routine and he entertains with like minded comedians. I enjoyed Ron Funches collaboration with Conan on this podcast. I do want to say that I like the banter Conan has with his staff especially his assistant Sona Movsesian. I think Conan is going to have to keep her on the payroll forever even after he dies, he may have to do what the Egyptians Pharaohs did to their servants at the time of death. He may have to knock her in the head and bury her with him after all the smack he talks, she will never get another gig.