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    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Not sure how many people noticed, but when Emma Roberts first returns to her folks' pizza shop, there's a male customer whose pizza her dad turns on its side when he gets insulted. Emma Roberts makes a point to call the customer by his name, Mr. Puzo. His shirt is embroidered "Mario." Mario Puzo is the famous author of The Godfather. It had to be intentional, and you know the screenwriters felt reeeally good about slipping it in.
  2. Erik B

    Episode 205.5 - Minisode 205.5

    Little Italy is mindblowing. Every minute there's something else to scream about. The fact that it's a Canadian Little Italy yet thick New York accents abound. The Indian characters put there just for the cheap jokes. Mr. Puzo buying pizza with "Mario" on his shirt. (Mario Puzo created The Godfather.) "Special appearance by Jane Seymour" and you knew instantly this was gonna be a doozy. The pizza tossing dad who clearly has never tossed pizza dough. The pervy female cop came completely out of nowhere. It seemed like they were going for a Melissa McCarthy-esque thing. It's all too much.