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    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    I've been a listener for a long time, but this week's episode triggered me to make an account here. I didn't see the film, but was happy to see this film picked. This film was promoted heavily last year in Canada's largest theatre chain (Cineplex), in promotional vignettes before the trailers last summer. It puzzled me as nothing in this film resembled any Italian neighborhood I've witnessed, and definitely had the feel of Canadian Content that you see frequently. I'm always puzzled by these movies because I can never figure out what the financial plan is around them. They're not getting much notice theatrically in Canada, where you prrsume they stand to make the biggest splash. Not sure if they're making enough off ancillary revenues, or if it's the grants and sponsorship. Either way, they seem like Looking at the film info, the name that jumped out was writer/producer on the film Vinay Virmani. He's associated with a few other of these films that pop up on similar movies in Canada like Dr. Cabbie and Breakaway. They're movies that target the Indo-Canadian community, but aim for success in the broader Canadian market but also an Indian release (those previous films had major Bollywood stars with producer credits). This film appears to be an attempt to duplicate that Indo-Canadian formula with the Italian-Canadian market. Anyways, I'm glad that one of these peculiarities of Canadian film has received the HDTGM treatment. If our hosts do want to come to Canada for a show, let me when when I can buy my ticket, and I'd recommend the film Breakaway (https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1736552/) for their discussion. I haven't seen it, but looks bad, and from those I know that do and from the trailers, it's essentially a retelling of Bend It Like Beckham, to the point that the disapproving father is played by the same actor. Anyways, I loved this week's episode and hope to see more like it.