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    Best Of 2018: Blockbusters

    I really like how Paul framed important films as the ones "we remember a year later," if only for a self-serving reason. A few weeks ago, I joked to my friends that I thought the Oscars should only happen every four years like the Olympics, and that no film that came out within the last year should be eligible until the next Oscars. Since I said that in jest, I've begun to feel that there's actual validity to that idea. In addition to potentially breaking up the obnoxious end-of-year "Oscar season" system, this would force people to really reflect on the films that they actually still remember from a few years ago, rather than the ones they viewed during a time that is set aside for "the best films." It's still too early to tell based on my own criteria, but I suspect that Into the Spider-Verse may end up being the film I look back on most fondly when remembering the films of 2018.