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    Sudden Death (1995)

    I legit love this movie. Top 3 Van Damme for sure. I love how he plays the goalie and the players don't recognize it's not their teammate, but random bad guys off the ice do. Apparently it was originally written as a parody of Die Hard, but they decided to make it a Van Damme action film instead, but kept the scene where the guy fights the mascot in the kitchen where the grab whatever they can, escalating in weapons.
  2. TheUsualSuspect

    The Dungeonmaster (1984)

    Geeky computer whiz Paul (Jeffrey Byron) is not happy to discover that his long-suffering girlfriend, Gwen (Leslie Wing), has been abducted by villainous sorcerer Mestema (Richard Moll). Mestema promises to release Gwen if Paul can complete seven different challenges in seven different realms. Paul consents, and Mestema equips him with a computerized wristband capable of firing lasers and transports him to face the perils he must survive if he ever wants to see Gwen again. This movie has 7 different directors!!!! Also known as RAGEWAR.