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    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    This Movie is currently manifesting as tension in the bottom of my neck (it been 2 days.) I've never had such a physical response to "art". I feel like watching this movie got me to put on a list. On a side note I watched black Monday the other day, why are more people not raving about it? so funny.
  2. sleepyweasal

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Firstly I think they all spoke poignantly about the situation being faced in the U.S. I'm sure we outside of America cannot understand the specifics of it, but the actions do have ripple effects and I sure many people globally are thinking more about their government systems. Having said that Ninja. a couple of points: At the golf course, those cops are responding to a 451 which is Arson. For better or worse at least the murderous sword demon was a loyal friend, it took time out of its schedule of senseless scientist murder (or maybe he was doing anti ninja research?) to avenge the guy it was possessing. I'm assuming this wasn't the sword demons first possession, so it's nice to see it had an emotional attachment to the ninja arsonist from the golf course. I love the scene where eyepatch guy fights that house too. Finally, the scene where the apartment is going crazy and she gets sucked into the cupboard, all the sound effects made by someone's mouth were amazing. A master folie artist must have been at work.
  3. sleepyweasal

    Episode 236 β€” The Great Wall (Live)

    There is a shot in the harpoon scene when everyone is standing around while a couple of actors are doing some great winch work. there is no dialogue just winching for about 10 seconds you can actually see Matt Damon break character as if everyone was waiting for the director to call cut. I wonder how much of this movie-length was scenes going just a few seconds too long i suspect around half. Also, what were the Taotei an allegory for? capitalisms spread? a mirrored domino theory perhaps. N E Who i think it would be great to see a sequel with monsters inspired by a different negative human traits we had greed could we have an attack from lethargy octopus or low self-esteem bats ? just try bring it into the 20th century.
  4. Quick note on Scandinavian privacy. They don’t believe in curtains or blinds. I live in Scandinavia and The Who gives a hoot attitude to personal privacy is amazing. I have lived in plenty of apartments and spent many an evening staring At the apartment building across the street invading people privacy with my eyes. I once spent an hour watching the most ackward 3 person dinner party in fascination. It Was made even more awkward when I locked eyes with the third wheel at the table . We shared a look that made us both sad. Anyway love the show
  5. Jackie Chan is the dragon blade. they just should of called it .the dragon's blade. i think this is old time talk, saying he is the dragons "Chinas" swordsman or "blade".