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  1. Topher had the same critique of Big on this episode that RedLetterMedia had on Half in the Bag: Shazam, which debuted earlier in the week. Like RLM, Topher has also spent way too much time thinking about the Star Wars Prequels. In conclusion: Is Topher Mr. Plinkett's heretofore unknown 3rd son?
  2. I remember watching this one in the theater, and my group had to start talking through it fairly abruptly. "Why does Dracula have Phantasm midgets?" "I thought those were Jawas." "So wait, vampires are more powerful than Angels, but Werewolves are more powerful than Vampires?" And so on, forever.
  3. It's probably true. The song ends with "I never asked for your crutch, now don't ask for mine."
  4. As a Jason fan, I was very upset that he implied that Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) was a George Harrison number. As that song rips off Bob Dylan and not the Chiffons, it is clearly a John Lennon piece. Having not read any of the previous replies, I'm going to assume that all three pages of this topic are about this travesty.
  5. After this, I just keep thinking that maybe there is a movie with Joan Cusack and Jet Li out there. Or possibly Ann Cusack and Tony Jaa.