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    Boltneck (2000)

    I haven't seen this in a very long time but I find it entertaining and it seems appropriate for this podcast. If you could get one or more of the stars to come talk about it that would be awesome. I'm interested to hear what you guys and anyone in general has to say about this movie. It's currently available to rent or buy on Amazon. At a party, one student gets picked on and ends up getting thrown into a pool that has no water in it. Frank, a geek, retrieves a brain from his father's lab and agrees to let the boy have it in exchange for a chance to hang with the popular crowd. The brain, it turns out, originally belonged to a serial killer. As the teen monster goes haywire, popular Macy becomes romantically involved with former geek Frank. It stars Matthew Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Walker, Christine Lakin, Judge Reinhold, Richard Moll, and Shelly Duvall. IMDB Boltneck