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  1. Don’t cum on my foot and tell me it’s Flubber
  2. Open up your plug bag and get ready for a 9 month CBB bump!
  3. Filling up your dirty plot holes with logic goo
  4. Why don’t we fuck in a Kubrickian hallway? (Lennon-McCartney)
  5. Before his younger brother became a “star” in Hollywood, the lesser known Sarlaac Pitt was seen chewing up the scenery in the 1983 Ewoxploitation film “Return of the Jedi”
  6. BangtheComedySlowly

    Go Go Gadget Arms Race!

    Go Go Gadget Arms Race!
  7. Bust in my butt, bust in my face, but good god almighty don’t bust on my DVD copy of The Inauguration of Barack Obama
  8. Forget it Jack, it’s Halloween Town
  9. organic, bio-degradable, fuel efficient, and locally sourced PISS