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  1. Dylan619xf

    Episode 222 - Unforgettable

    I thought there was a huge missed opportunity with the death of Tessa. Earlier in the movie it’s mentioned that as a teenager Tessa attempted to burn down the house while her father and stepmother are inside. Cut to the last act: Tessa standing in front of a fireplace wearing a flammable, loose-fitting caftan. Everything else in this movie was so predictable it seems only fitting Tessa would have died by accidentally stepping backwards and the edge of the caftan would have set aflame, or done so purposefully after seeing her scratched face and/or realizing she is a monster. Since Julia is likely the only other person in the scene to know about Tessa’s past, it would have made for a more intriguing end.
  2. Dylan619xf

    Episode 210.5 - Minisode 210.5

  3. Dylan619xf

    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    Hi Paul & all, Long time listener, first time poster and hesitant to do so but the minisode struck a personal nerve and I feel compelled to educate. The updated terminology is “died by suicide” not “committed suicide” since the word “committed” implies the person did something immoral or sinful. A simple way to minimize the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide is to be mindful of the words one uses in speaking about it. Thank you for spreading awareness and providing resources for those struggling, but please be mindful of the words being used.