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    City Lights

    While there is no Simpsons reference to City Lights, there is a full episode of Futurama (both created by Matt Groening, of course) which is based off of City Lights called "Stench and Stenchibility." Dr. Zoidberg (a character that is often the butt of jokes and shown as smelly, undignified, and living in a dumpster) stops a mugging from taking place when the robber is scared off by Zoidberg's stench. The woman he helps save is a florist who has no sense of smell. Since the florist can't smell, she is not repulsed by his stench, and she is able to get to know him and see his inner beauty -- something that no one has ever been able to do previously. He falls for her hard! After dating a while, she tells him she wants to be able to smell flowers, so he decides to perform a nose transplant on her that will give her a sense of smell -- knowing that he may lose her once she is able to catch a whiff of him. Once she gains her sense of smell, she realizes she hates the smell of flowers, but likes the way Dr. Zoidberg smells because "she likes him." She ends up changing careers---from florist to garbage lady---and the two continue to date. It's a sweet episode and nice to see Zoidberg receive a happy ending for once! (I apologize if this has been addressed already -- I skimmed the thread and didn't notice!)