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    Sliver (1993)

    I kept waiting for things to make sense, but they never did. I hoped for a cathartic ending that explained any sort of character motivation, but was left with one of the most abrupt fades-to-black of all time. Rated 11% on the TomatoMeter by critics and 27% by audiences, this Sharon Stone-Billy Baldwin-Tom Berenger movie feels ripe for the HDTGM treatment. There are murders but the motive is never clarified! There is gratuitous 90s nudity! Sharon Stone is a professional woman with a quippy best friend but no discernible personality! The movie sort of focuses on a possibly haunted/serial killer inhabited apartment building, but a huge proportion isn't even set in the spooky building! Rear Window meets The Secret meets Perfect meets The Color of Night meets... maybe Hackers? It's weird, real weird. Thanks, Hulu.
  2. They also did this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazarus_(The_X-Files) where a bank robber's consciousness transfers into the body of an FBI agent/Scully's ex while both are in the hospital. I was reminded of it when Paul et al. suggested that this would have been better off as an X Files episode without creepy subtext!