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    Episode 27 - Howard Stern

    I love this podcast as a whole and so appreciate that work that the team puts into making it. The effect Howard Stern has had on shaping parts of modern culture and particularly the interview talk show space is inarguably significant. His new book certainly seems like an interesting and worthwhile read. I personally did not enjoy this episode though, at no fault of Conan's. Howard cannot seem to stop promoting his book at every turn. For someone who clearly has difficulty accepting his positive traits and impactful legacy, he appears to be very good at raising up this book and the reviews it's earned. It really made this episode seem more like a transactional TV appearance where the visiting party's ultimate motive is to push the audience to their new work. In a context where that relationship is to be expected, there isn't really room to complain as a viewer---that's just how it works. It seemed so unnecessary for him to do that on this podcast though, especially after naming Conan his favorite interviewee. Going into this I was hopeful that Howard would be able to have a personal conversation with Conan that didn't involve self-promotion. While Conan was able to steer the conversation into short bouts of genuine back-and-forth, Howard wasn't keen to reciprocate, which is really a shame.