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  1. ackeyjo

    Hunk (1987)

    Absolutely. This movie is pure insanity.
  2. ackeyjo

    Soul Man (1986)

    Have they seriously not done this one? C. Thomas Howell's career is a goldmine...
  3. ackeyjo

    Double Down (2005)

    Such a good call...Neil Breen's going after Wiseau's crown. His face officially belongs on the Mount Rushmore of terrible filmmakers.
  4. ackeyjo

    Secret Admirer (1985)

    This one is such a good call...I love how they have us like rooting for his dad's affair...The score gets all romantic & sweet. Meanwhile his wife is just sobbing in the kitchen.
  5. ackeyjo

    Mumford (1999)

    I actually like this one. It has a bizarre charm to it. Also, there's a degree of wish-fulfillment in pretending to be a psychiatrist when you have no training whatsoever. I feel like deep-down most people think they have all the answers & would be great at it. Hopefully nobody's actually doing this though haha.
  6. ackeyjo

    True Lies (1994)

    This movie is amazing, despite (and perhaps because) Arnold is so miscast. It never struck me as odd in the slightest as a kid, but it cracks me up now to think how he's sold as this boring computer-salesman nerd and Jamie Lee Curtis is just dumbfounded over how an absolutely mammoth, Austrian bodybuilder could be capable of violence.
  7. ackeyjo

    Guilty as Sin (1993)

    Yeah I love this one. Demornay just kickin' out the jams. This & Hand that Rocks the Cradle are both gems.
  8. ackeyjo

    Weekend at Bernie's 2 (1993)

    I love this fucking movie.
  9. ackeyjo

    The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)

    Love this movie. The ending is silly as fuck, but it's a pretty solid thriller otherwise.
  10. ackeyjo

    A Tale of Two Coreys (2018)

    #corey feldman #corey haim
  11. ackeyjo

    The Worst Witch (1986)

    Agreed, I love this terrible movie. It's actually a great premise, but the execution is ridiculous. I feel like J.K. Rowling must've drew inspiration from it for Harry Potter. There are so many similarities: the mean Potions teacher, flying lessons, the bewitched broom, the Malfoy-esque snob, transfiguration, invisibility...And Tim Curry is unreal. "Has anybody seen my tambourine?!"
  12. ackeyjo

    The Night Before (1988)

    I love this fucking movie.
  13. ackeyjo

    A Tale of Two Coreys (2018)

    C'mon guys, Brian Huskey is in it! He would be the perfect guest...Stick around for 1:35 when that 80's volleyball-montage music is playing over a dispute centered around rape...