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  1. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 320 - Felicia Day, Our Close Friend

    Great ep! Hayes has fake hair and hands? What’s real anymore?
  2. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 317 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend Again

    I like jazz now
  3. With both Tony and Bosch in the studio, who is digging the holes?
  4. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 315 - Janet Varney, Our Voyage Friend

    Graham cracker is a cookie!
  5. I’m so thirsty for more Mitra
  6. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 312 - Mikal Cronin, Our Music Friend

    I will be playing the intermission song every time I have to make a big P
  7. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 311 - Laci Mosley, Our Scams Friends

    The Boys need a new poster! Least you can do since they’re keeping the lights on at Earwolf.
  8. Lord Dogwater

    Shirt Ideas

    I’d murder for a Reality Show show shirt
  9. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 309 - Andy Daly, Our Podcast Pilot Friend

    Sporgan was on fire on the Pro version. Laughing my whole butt off as usual
  10. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 309 - Andy Daly, Our Podcast Pilot Friend

    Great episode! Seemed like a golden opp for the Popcorn Gallery. Popcorn Parmesan!!
  11. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 308 - Julie Klausner, Our Freaky Flix Friend

    Certified Corker
  12. Lord Dogwater

    Buffalo Bill Cosby

    Pitch a sit song is my favorite threeture. Great episode! Fuck those other loud hotel fucks!
  13. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 307 - Ayo Edebiri, Our Expert Youth Friend

    Bosch needs to get on a track with Drake
  14. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 306 - Sona Movsesian, Our Conan Friend

    Sona went on record saying some pretty problematic stuff. What room?!
  15. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 305 - Margaret Cho, Our Tattoo Friend

    Hopefully they are able to fully thwart Baby Don’t and the treacherous chef Kevin