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  1. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 315 - Janet Varney, Our Voyage Friend

    Graham cracker is a cookie!
  2. I’m so thirsty for more Mitra
  3. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 312 - Mikal Cronin, Our Music Friend

    I will be playing the intermission song every time I have to make a big P
  4. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 311 - Laci Mosley, Our Scams Friends

    The Boys need a new poster! Least you can do since they’re keeping the lights on at Earwolf.
  5. Lord Dogwater

    Shirt Ideas

    I’d murder for a Reality Show show shirt
  6. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 309 - Andy Daly, Our Podcast Pilot Friend

    Sporgan was on fire on the Pro version. Laughing my whole butt off as usual
  7. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 309 - Andy Daly, Our Podcast Pilot Friend

    Great episode! Seemed like a golden opp for the Popcorn Gallery. Popcorn Parmesan!!
  8. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 308 - Julie Klausner, Our Freaky Flix Friend

    Certified Corker
  9. Lord Dogwater

    Buffalo Bill Cosby

    Pitch a sit song is my favorite threeture. Great episode! Fuck those other loud hotel fucks!
  10. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 307 - Ayo Edebiri, Our Expert Youth Friend

    Bosch needs to get on a track with Drake
  11. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 306 - Sona Movsesian, Our Conan Friend

    Sona went on record saying some pretty problematic stuff. What room?!
  12. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 305 - Margaret Cho, Our Tattoo Friend

    Hopefully they are able to fully thwart Baby Don’t and the treacherous chef Kevin
  13. Will just torched Scharpling
  14. This has corker written all over it
  15. Lord Dogwater

    Episode 303 - Jackie Johnson, Our Makeup Friend

    I wish there was a visual component to this episode. How does VPN no longer exist?