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  1. austin14

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    So I was there at this live show I had to watch this movie, my god is this one of the worst movies I ever had to watch, So my one correction is the at the beginning the women getting robbed is Gabbi's grandma. So Gabbi and her friends just watch as someone tries to rob her own grandmother and she beats him up.
  2. austin14

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    There is a detective Pikachu game its a spinoff thats about a human and a talking Pikachu solving puzzles ike professor Layton that came in march of 2018 on the 3DS
  3. austin14

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    So got to totally agree with Paul on this movie you got to love this movie, my omission is about the games and how to double dragon has somewhat returned. Unlike Mario, Street Figther and Mortal Kombat were they had lacklustre movies in the 90s, there have still been video games coming out based on those properties, compare this to Double Dragon which last will received game was 2012 Double Dragon neon with the last double dragon with the last game being 8bit Double Dragon IV coming out in 2017 developed by Arc System Works who owns the property. But some Double Dragon characters have returned this year in the game River City Girls, while games are about the girlfriends of the protagonists from the river city ransom games saving their boyfriends Billy and Jimmy lee appear in the game as NPC who can teach you move, as well as ABOBO who is a boss with the game going into his backstory of his parents not love him enough as a baby.
  4. We want Governor Buscemi, or at least it to say on the back "wet with Pee"
  5. I finally finished watching this movie And it is this worst movie I have ever seen, everything about this film is physically painfully the acting, the characters, dialogue, acting, ADR, Music and directing are awful and it's not even so bad it's good its the worst movie they have ever covered on this show. I kept pausing the movie to make sure this movie going to turn into porn or I died by watching this trash and im in a jacobs ladder scenario where this film nevers ends im stuck watching, It better be the greatest live show ever because the movie was almost unwatchable.
  6. austin14

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    I'm kind of sad there was no mailbag this week I love listening to tall john getting tricked by Micheal Bay
  7. So I have been rewatching Gravity Fall and good Tall John Scheer plays Gary who runs a spoof of showbiz pizza, what's interesting in the Disney show the same company who made the country bears attraction and film, John's character seems to have a love for the animatronics with his character kissing one, so their a through-line of John loving animatronic animals.
  8. So my theory is the voice is going to turn out to be John Cena who we know is going to be in Fast and Furious 9, my crazy theory is Hobbs dad is going to turn out to be Nic Cage, and my correction is that there 4 bald people in these movies with Diesel, the Rock, Statham and Tyrese Gibson