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  1. "Just out of prison, ex-con Tommy (Tim Allen) is ready for a fresh start in life. He moves in with his manipulative sister (Sigourney Weaver) and her husband and takes a job at a local burger joint. However, he finds that staying on the straight-and-narrow is not as easy as he thought. Gray (Ray Liotta), his former partner-in-crime, is trying to rope him into the latest scheme. And to complicate matters, Tommy is falling in love with his probation officer." This movie is insane, I saw it on Netflix a few years ago because of the all-star cast. But is wall to wall bonkers. First of all Tommy is in prison for video piracy... three years to be exact. This leads to his sister lying about him actually being in France to his family. The burger place he works at is pirate themed, of course, so peak comedy. But every 15 minutes or so, just long enough that you forgot it happened in the first place, Tommy has some sort of "imagination" or some other unexplained thing where there are essentially scooby doo level of special effects.