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  1. TrueBreenius

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    Here's my hypothesis about Governor Gabbi: Governor Gabbi is a companion piece to Fateful Findings. They have similar production values, acting, unintentional comedy, blatant misunderstanding of how government works, anti-corruption messaging, and terrible direction and editing, I think this isn’t a coincidence and the films are part of the same universe. Both movies have a few cartoonishly evil figures who represent political corruption and are defeated by the leads. We know that Neil Breen is hacking the most secret government and corporate secrets and uncovering more corruption than has ever been discovered, and given his godlike hacking alien powers, I’m sure he’d be capable of rigging elections in his favour and using a flimsy “bake sale mixup” to justify the outcome. We know from his films that he likes bland virtuous young blondes, what if he rigged the California election specifically to make Gabbi governor so that she could fight corruption there while he’s busy in Nevada?
  2. TrueBreenius

    Episode 234 — Prelude To A Kiss

    After thinking about it for a while, I think it would be more affecting if Rita stayed in the old man's body but Peter continued to love and support her in that form. People with AIDS don't get the disease because they desire it, and it can't be cured by wanting it hard enough. I personally believe that the mechanics of body switching in this work muddles the AIDS metaphor.
  3. TrueBreenius

    Episode 234 — Prelude To A Kiss

    This was such a strange movie, and I was baffled to find out that it has 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was a bit disappointing that June couldn't make it to this episode, I'm sure she would've had a lot to say about it. After some research online, I've learned that apparently the play was intended as a metaphor for gay couples who struggle with the looming spectre of death after one partner develops AIDS. Additionally, the playwright, Craig Lucas, is gay and has written other plays about AIDS and its impact on the gay community. For me, this adds a lot of context about why it may have succeeded on Broadway since that knowledge provides significant depth and purpose to the plot. Maybe it comes across more clearly in the original play that this storyline is intended to be viewed in this light because it completely went over my head watching the film.
  4. TrueBreenius

    Episode 233.5 — Minisode 233.5

    I'm watching Prelude to a Kiss, it's freaking wild. No idea how it got 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it's such a good pick for the podcast. Also, Stanley Tucci with hair.
  5. TrueBreenius

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    While I object to the idea of animated sexualized animals, I think if you're going to have them there should be gender equality. For every Lola Bunny, you should have a male counterpart with abs and a chiselled jaw.
  6. TrueBreenius

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    I wasn't much of a student-athlete unless you count debate and mock trial as sports. There was, however, a free public tennis court near my house, so my family and I would go there and play. I haven't seen this film in at least a decade, and all I remembered about it was that Michael Jordan plays basketball with Looney Tunes characters. Watching it now as an adult, it's truly a bizarre film. Am I the only one who thought there were some weird racial undertones to the premise of the Looney Tunes having to play basketball against their potential captors to get out of slavery? Also, I don't think we discussed enough how much of a creep Bugs Bunny was in this movie. Why is no one talking about the fact that he kissed Michael Jordan? That would not fly in a post-#metoo world. This guy's walking around fully nude, planting unwanted kisses on famous basketball players, and openly leering at another bunny who, for male gaze reasons, happens to have boobs and a big butt. Way to ruin my childhood. I also have a lot of questions about the mechanics of losing one's talent in this film. At the 24 minute mark, one of the players tries to drink from a water bottle and fails spectacularly. You can be bad at basketball and still be able to drink water! Additionally, the stolen talent made the monstars both taller and beefier than the actual players are, which is odd. Also, clearly that demonstrates that size is considered a contributing factor to the players' talent, and yet none of them shrinks when their talent is stolen. None of this makes much sense. Finally, there was a very disturbing moment at the 22-minute mark, where some of the aliens are bundled up in a coat and hat and go to watch a basketball game. The aliens are moving around and talking to each other and the woman beside them says to her male companion that "the guy next to us is doing something very strange in his coat." To me, that implies masturbation, and I don't know why the man doesn't seem to care or be bothered. I figure that most people if they thought someone was masturbating beside them at a basketball game might try to talk to one of the employees about it, or at least be concerned.
  7. This movie was at least on the short side which made it relatively painless to watch. I didn't find it funny but there've been plenty of other movies for this podcast that were more of a chore to get through. I've been hung up on one particular detail in the film, which I noticed during the film's master of disguise training montage. Pistachio is seen reading "The Master of Disguise for Dummies." Of course, the For Dummies series is very well-known and widely available, which raises the question of why such a book would exist if being a master of disguise is supposedly a hereditary secret. Presumably, the intention of such a book would be to allow anyone who read it to be able to become a master of disguise, regardless of lineage, and it would mean that the Disguiseys' talent really isn't that special or unique to them, which would undermine the film's premise. In this universe, this book shouldn't exist, and the only justification consistent with the film's plot for such a book existing would be that someone in the Disguisey family made their own "for dummies" book and infringed upon that trademark (oh dear.)
  8. TrueBreenius

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    In no particular order: The Farewell Little Women Booksmart Rocketman Judy Parasite Knives Out
  9. Also, why does Neil rub the blood all over his face when he's mourning the alcoholic? What is with this film's relationship to blood?
  10. This was one of the first films I watched for the podcast and it was mesmerizingly bad, so seeing this show up on my podcast app this morning made today a magical day. I'd like to talk about the scene I found most upsetting, which is the one where Neil struggles to lift a cup of coffee, collapses, and then spills the coffee all over his 1995 laptop, papers, and face. Why would he put the coffee mug on his laptop? Does he deliberately use that specific laptop as a coaster, and if so, is the reason that he has so many dead laptops because he uses them for non-computing purposes as well? Does Neil not have any straws or travel mugs that could aid him in drinking coffee without spilling in his impaired state? I need to know more about his relationship with coffee and computers. (P.S., if anyone from the show is reading this, I'd love to hear the gang talk about more movies from the Neil Breen vault because they're all gems)
  11. TrueBreenius

    Cats (2019)

    Creepy costumes and CGI, a whopping 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, and beloved actors and musicians doing what verges on softcore furry porn for two hours? Sounds like a real contender for the pod.
  12. According to Wikipedia, John Blackwell was the name of Prince's drummer, as well as a 19th-century Welsh poet, and a 19th-century English civil engineer. Any of these would've made for a more interesting and compelling love interest than illegal immigrant Edward Cullen. In fact, I would love it if the sequel was about Ruby falling in love with any of these Johnny Blackwells.
  13. TrueBreenius

    Booksmart (2019)

    It's absolutely hilarious and in my opinion much funnier than Superbad which I never really got into. As a former type A teenage girl, it was nice to watch a silly teen movie where girls like that were the leads. There's also a bit of absurdism to the movie, which was a welcome surprise. I also appreciated the diverse cast and the LGBTQ representation. Easily one of my top movies of the year.
  14. TrueBreenius

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    This movie was bonkers. A specific detail that I have been hung up on for the past week is the fact that the computer system in the car that pulls up people's personal data lists their statistics (e.g. height and weight) in metric measurements (cm and kg, respectively). Did the earthquake cause America to abandon the imperial measurement system? Does the collapse of freedom units in Los Angeles have anything to do with the simultaneous deterioration of civic society, or is it simply coincidental?
  15. Boooooooooo. Thanks, Seth Rogen!