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  1. Very much agreed! I want to get myself a Governor Buscemi shirt.
  2. Also, didn't they mention that Seth Rogen suggested the film? I wonder if he'll be a special guest...
  3. During my first months in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2011, I had decided to check out Doug Benson's Movie Interruption at Cinefamily. The event was advertised as a Live Commentary of Piranha 3D with Adam Scott. Lo and behold, Paul joined in with Elisabeth Shue and it ended being a great night! All this to say that though I'm not sure if I was allowed or not, I recorded the whole thing on my crappy iPhone and recently dug it up and synched it with my digital copy of Piranha 3D. If this is even allowed, would there be any interest in me sharing this in some way? I didn't become a HDTGM fan until probably at least a year later but it was a good precursor to what I could expect from the podcasts. I wish Jason had been there, though!
  4. I actually gave Governor Gabbi a shot, just for the sake of being up to date before going to the Toronto show on Saturday. It was... Really tough. It's clearly a student film made by an overzealous student who wanted to make a feature instead of a short. How it got distribution... It's probably just trying to be The Room 2.0. Still really looking forward to Saturday night!