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  1. KvoTheBloodless

    What segue could have saved Kramer?

    Mmmm.... While you may hypothetically be correct - that there may have been a magical moment that might have "saved it" - it's totally rhetorical. The only thing would be a human response - something that elicited humor and trust that he meant it purely in jest... The truth is, he clearly didn't.... What he said wasn't part of an intelligent thought process - which means, he would personally never be capable of crafting a way out.... I hope he does still beat himself up over it - because it was an outmoded and racially charged outburst... If it were part of an intelligent thought, it would have naturally followed to a segue.... The fact that it didn't - reveals something about the person, and the nature of what he said, and the intentions and feelings behind it.... The only thing that could have followed would have been a miracle of forgiveness - and of mental acuity.... That there's no point speculating on. Literally nothing in pure print format would ever be appropriate. What you proposed is a pathetic excuse that not even Kramer could have pulled off - and that's why he didn't.... It would have to have come from a place of actual understanding, acceptance, and definite affection/caring - and have been able to be pivoted on it's head, to expose and lay bear the author to an equal or greater degree than it insulted... And that's simply not possible, because he's a racist piece of shit
  2. KvoTheBloodless

    Do other people have real life friends who are podcast fans?

    Meh, I guess you have to be lucky to have real life friends that either originally share your interests - or are willing to go on that journey with you.... Don't be down if you don't already - take the time to get to know new people! Take the time to say hi to someone new - and if you want to connect about this specific thing: find those people... If they don't exist right next to you - try your best to share with them.... If that doesn't work - just realize there are so many of us out there in other places, and connect online! Let's be real - there are too many options - and not enough social interaction - to actually expect to just bump into a person that shares your exact interests anymore... Maybe when there were only 5 channels on TV - you could expect that someone might be also following the love ranger.... But.... Yeah....
  3. KvoTheBloodless

    What was your gateway podcast?

    PFT has been my gateway to so many... Only one I've been disappointed in is the new scam godshit podcast...
  4. KvoTheBloodless

    Normally I wouldn't blame the performers BUT...

    Man... I hate podcast ads... But, this sounds like a candidate for that new podcast where they read bad reviews from entitled people.... I literally don't know the name, because I literally don't give a fuck about any advertisement - and take out my earphones the moment I hear one starting, regardless of podcast..... But "boo hoo! I have the expendable income to buy tickets I literally can't keep track of! Why doesn't someone keep track of my calendar - so I can show up to things I've paid money for?! Why haven't I hired a Butler or personal assistant yet?!" .... Sounds like a great fucking candidate for whatever that one is... Sand is too grainy, sea is too wet - or some stupid bullshit like that
  5. KvoTheBloodless

    Did Ansari say, "I'm Sorry"?

    Weirdly specific, but oddly relatable... Although, I would posit that - there is something inherently noticable about public figures. Ansari has always stuck me as a person that never really bears himself to the crowd - at least not in a true sense... Same as LCK seems stuck in this self deprecation - even after it's impossible to not see his success... Similarly, Ansari seems stuck in this "I'm ironic, cool, young, hip and counter culture"..... When really, it's truly obvious that neither of them live up to that... Lck has a huge fucking ego, and Ansari has bought into/been seduced by the allure of Fame and... Unfortunately, a self-fulfilling prophecy of willing/scheming floozies.... And we're well beyond the idea that this is purely a man- problem.... I guarantee that every successful female in media has also faced their fair share of scheming latch-ons..... But, there's something that becomes inherently obvious, when someone either gets stuck, or refuses to evolve - it's usually a sign that they're hiding something deeper.... And I hate to say it - but they're also products of the culture of the comedy scene... The fact that Lck and Ansari have been accused means little... The fact that they have at least addressed it - means a lot... It's so much better than so many other accused.... But, the fact remains that I don't think they've changed.... They both seem sad, they both seem fake... There are going to be things that age badly. There are going to be things that we have to reconcile: More often than not - your heroes are less than perfect. Most likely, Ansari and LCK are the least of your worries.. Do you like the Beatles? Are you ok with toxic relationships and abuse?... Well, it probably should take a lot more mental stress to sort that out -than it does to understand this.... And how can you even compare these people to the others in your post? Lauren lapkis, PFT .... I mean... Those are some of the few people in showbiz that I would actually trust.... What LCK and Ansari say in their defense means next to nothing to me, because I never believed them in the first place. Perhaps it is a bias about showbiz personas - but, I really don't think so.... I have literally never felt like either of them have dropped their bits, and I don't believe either are capable of truly evolving as both a comic and person - to truly be respectable icons.... Had Ansari or LCK actually struck you as being an open, honest person? They're two of the comics that I think most embody a classic "bit"... I've watched A LOT of their stuff.... I fucking love comedy, and grant that they have skill in the vein of comedy that they have entered.... But, neither of them have ever appeared to me as a real person. EVERY time I have seen them perform - it was a performance.... And maybe this is just a product of being a stage preformer - but, I just can't imagine being a healthy person, while still being stuck in this imaginary bubble of expectation.... This is in no way an excuse for them... I'm literally saying - I don't think they were ever previously asked to grow up, or take self inventory.... If you act like a fucking misogynist idiot - and get paid hundreds of thousands to do it - and you have a hindered thousand people telling you that they love it.... Well, until you do something so fucking dumb - regular people aren't going to take notice. I don't care that they're mediocre comics. I'll never leave a review that they're bland or boring or follow a very predictable formula for "comedy"..... But, now all of a sudden, culture mandates that they're guilty of something that - LITERALLY their immediate predecessors in comedy were also guilty, but hushed up better (because we didn't have social media and the same immediate access?).... But, now - just because I happen to have the facts - they have to deal with me endlessly posting about it? As if Woody Allen was never a thing? That's the one that gets me the most... How did that fucker get out of this unscathed?.... I think what they did was wrong - but blown way out of proportion.... Neither of them deserve to be ostracized for having acted skeevy once. Because, that once cannot be proven to be literally criminal. THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEPARATION OF ACTUAL AND PERCEIVED "GUILT"... THAT - IS NOT THE ISSUE.... They deserve to be judged as bad, skeevy, immature comics... They haven't evolved - they STILL make those jokes in poor taste, knowing the context.... They are just too entrenched as false caricatures - and not real, responsible people... And what do we expect?! So many of us still celebrate that - and so few take the time to explore why it's detrimental
  6. Not to speak for the actual engineers of the platform... But, you're asking for a very specific thing. As far as I understand it, it is much easier for them to upload a standard streaming format - which works for the majority.... And offer a downloadable version... If neither of those happens to coincide with the format that is convenient to you, there are innumerable options of programs or applications that can reformat the downloaded copies into the proper file types... Hey, I wouldn't mind an easy, condensed, mp3 format for download.... But - if you're not up to date with the standard tech to play the downloaded files - it's not necessarily on them... You paid for a ton more content... It's not their fault you only wanted one thing - and it's not on them to reformat every recording to make sure it works for your specific needs... It's actually pretty rare that someone needs an ONLY- mp3 format, nowadays...
  7. KvoTheBloodless

    Why is literal theft being lauded?

    One of the few times I've found an interesting topic addressed in poor light - is in this new con podcast.... I love Paul f Tompkins, but barely found anything else redeeming about the first episode.... The way in which "con" is portrayed in the episode - it is honestly tough to discern what stance the podcast is choosing to take.... For example: in "dumb people town" - another podcast about obviously criminal choices (which inevitably have a net negative effect on society) - it's at least obvious that the hosts may revel in the comedic aspect, but those hosts never cross the line into actually condoning those negative behaviors.... It was frustrating to hear, what appeared to be, an actual celebration of the thought, "I should do that" or "that's a good idea" - sounded about an obviously societally detrimental idea.... Knowing that this might be taken out of context, I would propose that this podcast signals in such a way that inherently increases the problem of racial, economic, and societal Injustice... A struggling person would listen to that first episode and easily might think "... Those famous people find it funny or endearing - and the story ends up with them celebrating it.... Why not try for the big game?!".... And the affluent are likely to think "Well .... Listen to the liberal criminals - thinking that 'Robin Hood' is still a viable justification for outright theft"..... I don't have much sympathy for the rich, whom have allowed themselves to fall prey to scams.... But, nor do I celebrate those that commit actual felonies - in order to literally steal.... The podcast is almost just the opposite of dumb people town - in which I feel the exact wrong things are being lauded as admirable... It celebrates the stupidity in such a way that it seems un-ironic.... And that is setting back society (and I hesitated to even say this... But it's setting back racial stereotypes, too..... Do you really think that person in Manhatten - who has the fucking money to give - is going to hear this, and say anything other than 'I was right the entire time for never giving a dime to anyone'....? And that sets back economic and racial diversity by a real and measurable amount.... The more we believe that the rich 'must protect themselves', and that the poor 'will do whatever it takes' - the greater the divide in our nation will be...) Basically, I came off of that first episode... Feeling intellectually insulted. As a self-proclaimed liberal, I can't possibly think of an agenda, by which this would actually better society.... And, as a liberal, I literally can only conclude that this is actually consciously counter-culture.... A literal call to arms. That, this is a celebration of that which completely disregards social law - in favor of subjective "social justice"... WHICH IS NOT AN ACTUAL LIBERAL AGENDA. NO ONE REALLY WANTS THAT It seems to assume that everyone who has fallen victim to scams - either deserved it, could afford it, or didn't personally do enough to avoid it.... And Paul f Tompkins' own personal stories already proved that wasn't always the case! Yet, the podcast seemed to still take this oddly (over-ironic?) - simply terrible approach - of actually addressing the reality of the topic.... If they could have actually told me anything I didn't already know about the subject.... Maybe that would be redeeming... But, the reality is: I learned next to nothing; I felt like the opinions expressed were detrimental to the overall discussion about the topic of criminal behaviour and "Justice"; and, it really just came off in generally poor taste. As a fan of comedy: meh As a fan of actual progressive social discourse: terrible. Absolutely awful