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    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    This movie was fantastic. There is such a deep and troubling Groundhog Day meets Misery in space vibe going on. The Facts: Akton knows the future: Clearly. He states as much. Akton is immortal: Chief Thor kills him around 36:40. Akton's eyes are open and he's on the ground. I'd assume Chief Thor knows a dead body when he sees one. More importantly, he stays down for awhile. Suggesting that when he dies he kind of 'resets' in place. Evidence that he's a kind of time being. The ship is also a time being: She ask's Akton why he messes with his powers and they share a sort of familiarity. I assume the ship brain's race has been enslaved by the Emporerf to power these ships. The Emperor is researching other time technology. My theory: Messing with time is illegal and Akton is apart of whatever authority policies time and who has access to what technology. Whatever the Emperor is researching is starting to get too advanced (i.e - being able to stop time on command). What Akton is doing is creating a scenario where the only option the Emperor has is to sacrifice all of his technology to win. That city is 'hope' as he calls it. Could he be trying to undo some major event for his people? So that's an A+ script. The twist: Akton doesn't just know the future. He's lived this section of time on repeat trying to make these events happen and as a result four things have occured: Akton is now a crazy person. Driven mad and is now stuck in a loop. Akton believes the only way out of the loop is to take the place of the Prince. Akton has fallen in love with Stella and fixates on her being an element of his escape from the loop. If he is to take the Prince's place then Stella should love him right? For some reason Elle knows to much. He's the one that recommends using Akton. As a result Elle has to die. Going deeper: Akton puts Stella in danger constantly when there is no need except to show he can save the day: Prison planet: Okay, but he lets her commit murder. Couldn't he have just told her to stay low cause he's working some inside contacts and they should be out in a few days? P.S - do not create a prison riot that costs many guards and prisoners thier lives? Amazon planet: This is the fist time it seems Akton wants Elle dead. Send him to a planet where everyone hates robots but might be nicer to a strong woman? Bravo. P.S - More murder. Ice planet: Okay, only reason to let these two go down is to once again demonstrate to Stella what an amazing hero Akton is. Also, hopefully the robot doesn't survive. Caveman scenes: This one is pretty good. Let the prince use up all of his eye beam energy and then come in with a light saber and save the day. The Hoff gets punked in front of Stella and the icing is Akton letting everyone know that he's figured out where they need to go. Bonus: robot is dead. Akton looks like Hoff. Curly hair. Same style of suit. So Akton isn't human and he's certainly trying to immitate humans: The Hoff is a good fighter? Welp then Akton better figure out the manly aggression thing and keep practicing by fighting Thor on every loop. The Hoff on one loop must have used his sword fighting skills to beat the robots.....so yup, Akton has been getting good at that too. Endless loops of fighting cavemen to get better. Even better that he can establish himself as the sword guy so all eyes turn to him at the end. Akton seems to really enjoy watching the suffering, confusing, etc. At 44:00 he's the one that disabled the ship and he just lets Elle and Stella waste time trying things and getting frustrated? Why? So there we have it: Akton is constantly putting Stella in emotional distress and saving the day to develop some bond. He wants to take Hoff's place but he has to be really careful because the overall mission must still be accomplished. Tricky stuff. Maybe that's why he was playing with his power's in the ship. NOTE: The _ship brain_ asks in a real judgemently tone "What is wrong with you?" when he's playing with his powres. She knows. She knows. Akton still loses in the end. So what does he do? Just dips out to start the loop again. Stella says he can't die, true. Akton says not to worry cause he'll live forever, also true. Rest of the movie is fine but it's the B plot. Akton dipped out to do another loop and the A plot went with him. - Went to see this live in Richmond, VA. Was very happy and very fortunate to grab a VIP ticket. I hope the trio remembers me as the only athletic six foot tall black nerd that awkardly shook thier hands and ran away. #fan-for-life