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  1. reader0085

    Forbidden Zone (1980)

    This movie is mentioned in a large list of recommendations, but I think it deserves its own post. This movies is completely bananas. Its got a French King of the Underworld (who is also a horny little person), a younger brother inexplicably cast as a man in his 60's, elements of 1920's cartoon blocking, the list goes on. I can't imagine hearing The Forbidden Zone be made sense of.
  2. reader0085

    Just Looking (1999)

    Like a pervy version of The Sandlot, Just Looking tries to turn voyeurism into a wholesome summer past time. Part coming of age comedy and part escalation of sexual crimes I would love to see the How Did This Get Made crew review this movie.
  3. reader0085

    Barbarella (1968)

    I would love to see this movie get onto the show!