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    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    Not only does he go along with a clearly manipulative plan, he sleeps with a woman who isn't actually giving consent to Gus. This goes beyond fluffing up your image to get with someone. He knows, or at least has reason to believe, she wouldn't sleep with him if she knew who he was and still goes for it.
  2. Greg T

    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    The dance they were doing was supposed to be the Shag, which people have been doing in the Carolinas since the 1940s. Of course, there version of the dance was about as accurate as the Southern accents that no main characters bothered with despite apparently being born and raised around Charleston. If it wasn't for a couple minor characters, this could have been Chicago.
  3. Greg T

    Episode 240: Megaforce LIVE from Montreal!

    On the subject of the "Nazi guy," I think it was actually supposed to be a Soviet agent sent to provide propaganda as part of a deal to fund the warlord. That would be why he insisting that he has to finish reading before the attack.
  4. Am I the only one that finds the very existence of Alpha to be depressing? I mean we start out with a space station that is meant to bring about harmony among nations and when it gets too big we just jettison it and all of its inhabitants out into deep space with no hope of ever returning. Is there no need to keep the scientists and engineers that would be occupying such a station around or was it serving no direct purpose at all? Second, as beautiful as the planet Mul was, there is clearly a horrifying monster species living on that world. Giant seashells don't exist without giant mollusks to produce them. With very little vegetation, there must be carnivorous snails weighing several tons roaming around in search for food.
  5. Greg T

    Driven (2001)

    The fan of bad movies in me wants to see this again. The racing fan in me wants to vomit a little in my mouth as it gets every wrong in the most absurd ways possible.
  6. Greg T

    The People Under the Stairs (1991)

    I'd love to see this movie get done, but it would even be better if the TV dubbed version could be found. Nothing like Ving Rhames yelling "Shucks!" as a dog attacks him.
  7. Greg T

    American Psycho 2 (2002)

    My understanding is that this didn't start out as a sequel to American Psycho at all. The scenes at the beginning of the film were added into the script when the studio decided to tie the two films together.
  8. Greg T

    Cats (2019)

    It's a bad movie in the sense that even without the glaring mistakes in the CGI, the characters often don't feel like they are actually in the scene somehow, especially when tap dancing. There's also the issue of Idris Elba's cat being nightmare fuel when he ditches the coat and hat. Otherwise, I agree that it is a pretty fun movie to watch if you go in knowing that there is no real plot.
  9. I realize there obviously is an evil plan to turn boys into donkeys, but given that there isn't the slightest hint of that for the first hour or anything that suggests any characters know of it, why is Lorenzini presented as a villain? His evil plan at the start of the film is to go to a puppet maker and....buy a puppet to put on a show for kids in a theater? When that fails his plan is to massively overpay for the puppet and keep an old man out of prison? If anything, the sentient block of wood that, in an effort to save inanimate objects, sets fire to a theater full of children is the problem character at that point of the film.
  10. I didn't understand that either. He lies presumably out of fear of being punished, but seemingly knows no basic societal rules. He also apologizes despite not understanding the concept of forgiveness until later in the church.