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  1. I'd have to say this falls somewhere between the self aware intentional bad movie ala Velocipastor and the clueless choices made in Governor Gabbi. At one point it was available to buy on Amazon for $1 million, but now it is free with Amazon Prime.
  2. Greg T

    Night of the Living Dead

    I have to agree with Paul that this would totally work as a play and take it a step further. My first experience with Night of the Living Dead was actually watching a stage company do it as an audio play as part of their "Midnight Radio" series. To be clear, they were on stage, but all we were watching was them reading the script and doing sound effects. Even in that medium it works really well, and I think it's largely because it's not so much about the zombies as it is about the people reacting to them. And yes, I absolutely voted yes on this. Among zombie films, I would say Shaun of the Dead is the only one that stands up as its equal, but Shaun can only exist because of what Night of the Living Dead created.
  3. Greg T

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    There is one scene that shows the actual breakdown of the votes and Gabbi received 51% to 48% for the runner up and just 1% for third place. That means she didn't just win a close election in which no one had any interest in either candidate. Among the people who voted for someone they actually heard of, one candidate must have been so beloved that they had almost universal bipartisan support. Gabbi winning was arguably an injustice to the people who were paying attention to state politics.
  4. Greg T

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    I assumed she meant she was taking away the government -owned vehicles from the other officials, not that everyone in the state would be required to ride the bus.
  5. Greg T

    Governor Gabbi -- Post-Movie Survey

    Even Tommy Wiseau would be embarrassed by this.
  6. Not only did he heal in 36 hours, he had coordinated the sock underneath the cast with the one on his other foot and the giant one over the top.
  7. I hate to agree with June on this one, but in the end Kelly really didn't contribute anything to saving the building. Once the city decided to pull out of the deal selling to the developer, the 30 day time limit to raise the funds is meaningless. Even if Kelly's parents didn't write a check, Miracles could start doing whatever work they could afford while continuing to raise funds because it is clear that the city will not be rushing to tear it down. Also, if the city was in a position to pull out of the deal, that means the property had not yet officially been condemned and sold to the developer, so it seems that the plan was to destroy city property before it was even purchased.
  8. Greg T

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    With the exception of some high performance military jets, planes are designed to be inherently stable. Turning off the autopilot wouldn't send the plane into a sudden roll or make it pitch back and forth like a fishing boat in a rough sea. It would just mean it wouldn't adjust course for wind gusts. Granted on one of the passes of Tanya's head, the plane's jet engine noise transforms into the sound of a World War 1 biplane's piston engine, so it's almost like they actively tried to be inaccurate.
  9. Greg T

    Ep. 249 — Deadly Mile High Club

    The investors in Santa Barbara would never accept her paying Jake more money.
  10. Greg T

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    Another good one is a racing documentary called "1" that looks back to the most dangerous era in grand prix racing and the efforts made to improve the almost nonexistent safety features of 1960s racing.
  11. Greg T

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    I know Dylan thought he saw the day he died, but he really saw the day everyone missed their train. The movie showed the train on the board as being scheduled for 2:22, so it should be just about ready to pull away from the platform as they all mill about in the Great Hall. Also did the aerial ballet have 2 superhuman performers or was it only like 15 minutes long? I have trouble believing 2 acrobats would have the physical stamina to extend a 10 minute circus act into a 90 minute show.
  12. Greg T

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Realistically the car should have already stalled when Travolta does the handbrake turn and stops. It's not like anyone is pressing on the clutch. It would be a surprise that Jackman could even get it into neutral to start it then find 1st gear.
  13. Greg T

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Why do they even bother to spread the stolen money evenly over 5 accounts? It would be understandable if they split it over hundreds of accounts, but $1.9 billion deposits are going to raise red flags just as quickly as a $9.5 billion lump sum.
  14. Greg T

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    This movie isn't really good with money. When Ginger gives the hacker the cash, we can clearly see there is only 4 packs of bills each marker $10,000, yet Ginger says it's $100,000. At the other extreme, in order for $400 million to grow to $9.5 billion in 15 years, it would have to collect interest at an average annual rate of 23%. If it grew at the actual rate of inflation, it would have ended out around $650 million.