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    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    This was my exact thought! I kept saying, "He looks like a poor man's Michael C. Hall!
  2. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    I know this is not the category, but I feel like I have a Questions and Omissions. Okay. I am going to admit what could be a big problem, and I will get shamed for this, but I think I will still hold my head high. I did not watch this movie. There are a lot of the movies I have not watched, MANY, and it has not been a problem so far. I am in the backlog, and am sadly going to catchup not too far from now. So, for this little movie, that I have no words for, except questions are these: Question - What was the plot of this movie? Is there a dinosaur? Does he turn into a dinosaur? Is it a werewolf situation? Also, how did he become someone that can, I assume, turn into a dinosaur? Is it like The Hulk when he is angry? Omission - The plot of the movie being discussed. I listened to the podcast twice thinking that somehow I missed something, similar to how they will the movie, and nope. Here is what I know, or what I THINK I know. There is this man who is attending seminary to be a priest. Maybe at some point China is involved? He likes to eat people, I hope just bad guys. I am sure there is a girl involved because I thought there was a very after sex conversation that had me holding my mouth open in horror and hand just about covering and not blinking. Honestly because I was horrified, but if sounded like she was describing the way I feel like the true mommy porn sex scenes should go in those times when you actually have never had it before, or you are married. Not sure how it ends. A girl explodes? If anyone can give me an idea of what it is about, it can even be a quick bulleted list. I just think, I cannot force my eyeballs to watch this nightmare horror show. Here is also what I do know. I am very afraid that June is going to get electrocuted, and that I can never unhear that and will always worry. June, I love the doctor Danielle Jones aka - Mama Doctor Jones on Tik Tok who is the ob-gyn. I also love the respect Paul and June have for each other and how she thanked him for handling the money, without being sarcastic. You can tell that they are in love and respect each other in every episode. Jason, My Love, I think that they do not have to go to Career Days and try to recruit nuns and priests. I believe you feel the calling and seek out more information. I do not know how all yall can say VelociPastor so normally and not laugh every time. Did anyone else see the image of the guy from Preacher the whole time, the really colorful one? I want to start that one soon. Jason, always stay you, always nice to your friends, ready to give a laugh and support those who are also on the show. And Honest. Thanks for in assistance in advance!
  3. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    Oooh, yeah... Easter Eggs to listen for now! When you said that I am thinking, have I heard that before? I bet I have and never gave it a second thought. Thank for telling me! Now I am even more excited if that is possible! Let me say this though, I pay for premium subscription, and it is worth every penny. If for nothing else, I have listened to The Jazz Singer episode at least five times, forced my mom to listen to it, and I am always up for another listen to The Room. **Edit - Thank you for the imagery of what I think of a potted plant like a fuzzy fern of hair growing with no warning and sneaking it's way up to the mic demanding attention.**
  4. Here is my issue with the movie Problem Child. It is for me and for me due to my love for a friend. I did not like the movie because I could not stand the way the child treated his family. Growing up with a very, very strict household, I found it mean and disrespectful to the point, even as a kid myself, that I got mad. Also, my best friend growing up was adopted. I found out when she came to our school in fourth grade. She told me by letting me read her diary entry about being adopted. I was so honored that she trusted me with this information. Listen, I know I am a weirdo already, and so that sounds dramatic to say I was honored, but I was a very old soul growing up with lots of emotional disorders not usually addressed at those ages. My best friend and her family were foster parents. She could not stand that movie either and would cry over it because she felt it made adopted kids look bad, and that she worried that parents would not want to adopt kids for fear they would have the same thing happen. So, I did not, and do not, like it for that reason. It hurt her, so it hurts me. When I was a senior in high school my mom came to me and said, "I wanted to let you know that __________ is adopted." Now, my friend looks identical to her parents and other family members. I told my mom that I already knew and she asked when I found out. I told her 4th grade, and she asked me why I never told her and I replied, "Because she asked me not to tell anyone."
  5. TheeCupcakeKid

    Musical Mondays Week 96 Fiddler on the Roof

    That is so incredibly kind of you! Thank you. He was a great man. He served in the military taking photos, and until the day he died he never told me what he did really, done, or saw in the war. He was one of a kind.
  6. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 244.5 - Prequel to Episode 245

    I have used CBD Oil and smoked hemp. All it did was help my back pain, make me less anxious, and then extremely tired with lead to some of the best sleep of my life.
  7. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 244.5 - Prequel to Episode 245

    Bless the heart of the girl who was having surgery and worried. I have had three surgeries in the past month and I look forward to the legal "high" of oxygen and then the gas. At this point with surgery I am like, eh. Let's do this. That is the only reason I am okay with dental work. I have never been worried with surgery, no matter what I have had done. I feel like, man, when they hook up that gas I am the happiest I am ever. I have never done drugs, or I have never abused legal drugs. This for me is a little bit of joy in a hard time. I also have the most amazing, poignant thoughts which is this on repeat, "Wow. I have the most amazing poignant thoughts." and that is the same thought I think over and over. Seriously though, I hope her surgeries have gone as well as mine have, and she is resting at home along with me listening to the backlog. Feel better soon!
  8. TheeCupcakeKid

    Musical Mondays Week 96 Fiddler on the Roof

    My dad's uncle passed away recently and he has hundreds of vinyl records. I already posted that I saw his The Jazz Singer Record and told my dad, I have to have this no matter what. I also have the original musical Fiddler record, and I am keeping that along with the original Sound of Music and other musicals! I am so excited to listen to them all!
  9. Speaking of the mini, I am really worried about the new dad who Paul did not talk about but responded to in two episodes ago. I am religious, so I do not mean to offend Anyone, but I have been praying for them. I do not have to know the reason.
  10. I have skipped around and am caught up to the current pretty good, and then stopped skipping and started at the beginning. I am secretly listening in places where I am extremely stressed and am not allowed to listen, so I listen to all of them. Just keep going. I like seeing how it has evolved too. In the end I do not mind.
  11. One that I hope everyone forgot, and I will not quote involved someone in a mini telling people to go to a particular store and conduct themselves in a particular activity that we have seen less than a year ago. I was like, nooo.
  12. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    Got it! Thanks!
  13. Haha, when they did that one I thought, I thought this was a beloved classic?!
  14. You are too sweet! Thank you so much. I am sore, but being forced to rest. Good thing I have a great podcast to keep me company.
  15. I am listening to the backlog from the very beginning of HDTGM, and some of it has NoT aged well.
  16. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    Eh, I think I will skip this one. Question, this may sound crazy. Did I do this right? If I want to respond to someone I "quote" them?
  17. I have the next two weeks off to recover from surgery, and this is on my list of things to watch!
  18. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    I did not get to see this movie, but I have to agree with something that, I believe, June said. After you see sex with a girl and a demon, would you be disappointed later? I cannot remember what the group decided, I had surgery and have been on drugs, so it is kind of a blur.
  19. Aw, I feel bad, I actually like several of the movies on this list. Some of them I own and watch all the time, for example One For the Money. I know it is trash, but I love it. I like a lot of movies that are considered trash. Don't we all have that one movie that is complete garbage that we like though? Huh? Am I the only one?
  20. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 243.5 - Prequel to Episode 244

    This may be the best place to post this instead, but I have a Correction and Omission by way of forgetting. E:54, 1/21/2013, The Odd Life of Timothy Green with Tim Heidecker. The Peanut Butter Solution is brought up, and Paul had not heard of it, and Tim proceeds to tell the basic plot.
  21. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 169 - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie: LIVE!

    I know this comment is way late, but I am going through the entire backlog. I always loved The Garbage Pail kids, and my parents had no problem getting me the cards, but my mom reached her limit one fateful day. Her name is Barbara and I got the card Barfin Barbara, and to say the least, she was NOT amused. She still gets upset about it. I still love it.
  22. TheeCupcakeKid

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    I am listening to the backlog, and I just reached 2013, and while listening to an episode right after The Peanut Butter Solution I found a Correction and Omission by way of forgetting. In The Odd Life of Timothy Green E:54 - 1/21/2013, Tim Heidecker mentions The Peanut Butter Solution, which Paul says he had not heard of, and Tim proceeds to tell the basic plot. I also have an explanation for June on how Arnold can get pregnant and a fact for a brief unaddressed question to Jason on the discussion of where the butt starts.
  23. TheeCupcakeKid

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    Question, because I always have something I want to say or add, but do not know where. Are these the threads where we can point things out so that Paul can see them?
  24. TheeCupcakeKid

    The Hugga Bunch (1985)

    "The Hugga Bunch (1985) 48min | Family, Fantasy | TV Movie 19 June 1985. A girl travels through her mirror into HuggaLand to find a way to keep her grandmother, the only one who knows how to hug, young." - IMDB I was four when this came out and I loved it. I thought it was fun, cute, funny, scary, and overall depressing. Even I at four knew something was afoot and odd about the villain scene. Pretty sure I still own this on Beta, as my dad will still argue, to this very day, that Beta was the wave of the future and is better than VHS. This can only be seen on YouTube.