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  1. I was listening to an older episode of HDTGM, and Paul mentioned someone who made a cartoon version of moments in a few episodes. That got me watching this one about Reindeer Games: Watching this made me realize -- did Paul actually already realize the Rudy/Rudolph connection when he revealed it to the rest of the crew? Or was this a spontaneous realization in the moment. I had always assumed the latter but watching it in this format made me realize it might have just been impeccable comedic timing of a reveal. Absolutely side-splitting either way.
  2. hspter

    Episode 239.5 — Prequel to 240

    I've never said "yessss" out loud so much as I did when I listened to this Miniepisode. "Reality-showification of documentaries" summarizes and articulates what's going on perfectly.
  3. hspter

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    yes!! I was just coming here to say that. In the episode they play a clip where Jack Deebs sort of rambles out "I have visions", which led me to believe that Holli was manipulating someone who was vulnerable and alone (and apparently had a very rough breakup recently). I haaaaaaated this movie. This type of gross sexual raucous animation is just like, Twilight Zone creepy to me. I had more trouble watching this than any other movie for HDTGM (which admittedly I'm a newer fan so it's basically 2010-2012 and half of 2019-2020).
  4. hspter

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    Don't worry Cam I noticed that too (well the snake-eyes-turning-into-3s part) and was like "that's dumb".
  5. thank you!!! I spent the entire episode waiting to hear someone mention Memento. The moment the movie revealed this plot twist I basically checked out. It was like a dumb Memento.