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    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    A couple of nominees for the Paul's childhood stories category: Talking about dancing in the movie theater as a kid and his mom's second wedding song (Second Sight) His my buddy doll/adopting a cabbage patch doll (I *think* it was Striptease) His grandma telling him the story about the butcher and the camping story (Pinnochio) His mom buying him Tasmanian devil decorations for his dorm (Space Jam) And of course...trying to french kiss his mom after watching an episode of the Love Boat (Jaws 3D) Another possible category would be Paul & June at home stories: Their fight over a backpack June bought Paul (Jaws 3D) Paul getting locked out of his house and having to sleep in his car (Blues Brothers 2000) June being annoyed by the sound machine in their home (Shanghai Surprise)