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  1. Your wishlist definitely came true.
  2. And I’m assuming all our past threads will disappear as well. Probably for the best. Someone might have noted an odd hair color choice by an actress five years ago. That could be construed as a micro aggression toward people who look pretty in pink. Edit: I apologize for using a gendered version of the pronoun actor.
  3. Nick T.

    Ep 250 — Under the Cherry Moon

    Love Prince, but found it excruciatingly boring to listen to an episode where their love of prince had them gushing and rationalizing over absurd moments rather than laying in in a comedic style like they would on bad movie they actually enjoyed like Face Off. I honestly don’t buy that they liked this movie.
  4. Is this trailer cut still up somewhere? Never mind, found it.
  5. Nick T.

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    Wasn’t Sadie aka “I’m Jason”’ (audience questions) incorrect about it being episode 222? Wasn’t it not even close? If true, hilarious since June kept saying “I don’t trust her.” Haha, Jason fangirl bit was super cringe. RE: Pilot certifications and aircraft. I was about to begin a commercial pilot training program before the pandemic hit. So, I went deep into all the reqs and based on what I already know, there’s no way that guy is flying for Southwest like under a year later based on the fact alone that you need to log 1,500 hours with students as a certified flight instructor to be eligible to fly a commercial passenger plan (it doesn’t need to be with students, but that’s the only way someone other than a very wealthy person is going to be able to get 1,500 hours flying). And before you can be a certified flight instructor (CFI), you’ll be spending 7 months minimum getting your commercial pilot license (seven months in the shortest CPL program I’ve ever seen listed). And, of course, you’ll need to get added training time on whatever specific type of commercial plane you’re going to fly. You can’t just jump in a passenger plane because you have gotten a commercial pilot license.bEven a highly favored Southwest cadet (cadets are pilots in training that are part of a commercial airline’s training program) couldn’t do it that fast. Cadet spots are coveted and typically go to young folks since they want to get the maximum career mileage out of you to justify their expenses. Plus, forget being a commercial pilot if there’s anything in your medical, legal or discoverable history that establishes drug use, alcohol abuse or psychiatric issues.
  6. Nick T.

    The VelociPastor (2017)

    “A Man of the Claw.” Gotta love that. I’d have preferred “A Man of the Clawth” though. The hooker who convinces him to use his power to fight crime must be an allusion to Mary Magadalein (sp?).
  7. I now realize I agree with you, Graham, after writing this suggestion about doing more “good, bad movies.” Soulless tripe is the least likely to produce a classic episode. I’ll still hold out hope though.
  8. No film suggestion, but a general suggestion: I think HDTGM has its highest ratio of classic episodes (EG, where the hosts are super energized and we hear lots of huge host + audiences laughs & crazy movie provoked digressions) when they review critically hated movies that are widely loved (or at least widely considered entertaining/fun yet understood to be ridiculous by its own fans). Off the top of my head, I’d cite Blood Sport, Face Off, Cobra, Time Cop, Deep Blue Sea, Con Air, The Running Man and the Twilight w/the huge, imagined battle as examples of great episodes from this type of movie. We can’t miss out on amazing stuff like Miami Connection & Hell Comes to Frog Town, but maybe less widely panned big budget garbage like Speed 2, which is often just soulless tripe rather than garbage with life. The last paragraph makes me see now why a lot of folks are not thrilled to see HDTGM doing Transformers (I had said I thought it’d be funny).
  9. Nick T.

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    June might ask what a slam is.
  10. Nick T.

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Taylor: I appreciate the data correction. I’m a research/factoid junky and a nitpicker. So, I love getting the correct facts. lol Anyway, in 2019, 27.6% of movies starred a minority in a leading role. Since 72% of Americans are caucasian, that seems to be a dead on reflection of population demographics. Hopefully, those movies were much more nuanced portrayals (I.E., no animated films where like we know the cow is supposed to rep an Af-Am character because it says a “you da, cow!” to his bovine buddies). EDIT: I deleted a really, way too long post related to all this stuff (I.E., what I think are worst driving factors behind all this misjustice taking place), but I think it’d be better to have a dedicated thread for those who wish to discuss these issues than risk hi-jacking the episode discussion w/political convo. I’ll leave that up to admins/mods or members who sort of fill that function. Gotta say, if this weren’t the most civil forum I’ve possibly ever seen, I wouldn’t even have dared touch these topics w/a 10 foot pole.
  11. Nick T.

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Interesting take, Danny. I think the movie missed a HUGE opportunity in not providing more back story for the evil ninja, especially with the shaman calling “Great Lord.” It would have made the story most compelling to have had the shaman, the good ninja or the spirit itself divulge his history and motivations (or better, yet, if she had been able to see glimpses of when possessed). Like: -has the spirit been passing through different vessels for centuries (E.G., the body we first see it in or has it been in that body for all its time? Having been called Great Lord seems to indicate it’s some legendary demon or ghost of a famous dead Shogun, Samuari, etc -And what happened to make the EN (evil ninja) and/or its spirit so malevolent? And is his malevonce indiscriminate or targeted -Was the spirit part of a clan that had once warred with the GN (good ninja) -And is that why he went after the GN and who were those people holding GN arms when he took his eye out? I could go on forever, but had they taken an hour to write a minute or two of flash backs or exposition to tell us more it would have been much more interesting. And what happened to the EN can only be killed at this specific mountain temple in Japan?
  12. Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully, they focus on their encounters with Shia Leboeuf at the gym and his wardrobes or casting stories (e.g., famously, Megan Fox’s audition literally consisted of her washing Bay’s Ferrari in a bikini...or that could just be some popular myth).
  13. Nick T.

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Oh, I didn’t mean to imply I thought you were being over critical for a second. I thought you had a great suggestion. I was more saying it in context of ongoing grandstanding at Hollywood about casting diversity. On that subject, Hulu has done a great job in some of its new shows, doing Hamilton style version of black actors in period era comedy- dramas like The Great (about Catherine The Great). I’d say 40% of the actors are black despite it being 18th century Russia and the cast is effing great. I think Paul was overly critical of himself, but it came from, obviously, a good place. Love Grudian’s science fact. Hilarious! Now, I want to know what science would say about their jumping ability.
  14. Nick T.

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Yep, that was pretty clear. But they’ve got rug rats running around and Jason had his jigsaw puzzle.
  15. Nick T.

    Poll! Team V8 or Not-V8?

    V8 should definitely have a product placement deal with The Fast & Furious franchise. It’s all about family! And what’s better for a growing family than 2 full servings of vegetables in every can. Vin would make sure the deal specified he can’t lose to a can of V8 in a fight. I can totally see it now: In the climatic scene Dom is thrown from his car and comes to rest face down against a wall. His crew run to him and look in stunned dismay at his white cotton beater soaked in blood, but just when all is lost, Dom rolls over and holds up a crushed can of V8 with a mischievous smile and says “I ain’t rebuilding this one.” Cut to rooftop gathering. The whole family raise cans of V8 high and in harmony yell, “Family!” THE END Directed By: Tall John Scheer