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    Episode 238.5 ā€” Prequel to 239

    First time commenter, long time listener. This has been weighing on my chest since I heard this mini sode. I didn't want to say anything, but it's been bothering me for weeks now. I haven't been able to listen to any of the new episodes, even cool world, one of my favorite terrible movies. I'm a retired sex worker, but I know from my friends still in the biz that it's really fucking hard for them right now.. People already have such low opinions of sex workers that they don't think twice about taking money out of their pockets, even though the majority of us are incredibly marginalized and at or below the poverty line. Sex work is usually survival work. So when someone like Jason cracks jokes about stealing from sex workers, it only serves to further normalize it The caller had a right to sound pissed. Iā€˜m pissed. It broke my heart to hear Paul be so dismissive. I thought I'd share a mutual aid fund i like to support, Black Sex Workers Collective