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  1. Cosmonaut Chris

    Monster F*ck

    I can't get through Halloween without listening to this song.
  2. Cosmonaut Chris

    Weird Al makes unfortunate prediction for Scott.

    R.I.P. Scott. Looking forward to our new host, Jason Mantzoukas.
  3. Cosmonaut Chris

    Do other people have real life friends who are podcast fans?

    My wife listens to podcasts, but we have little overlap (99% Invisible, Planet Money, The Anthropocene Reviewed). During quarantine, she's basically fallen out of podcasts entirely in favor of YouTube, uh, shows? I'm barely young enough to qualify as a millennial so I'm not really tuned into the YouTube ecosystem.
  4. Cosmonaut Chris

    CBB TV Show Blu-ray!

    You may need to tell IFC more than Earwolf. However, yelling at Scott is always a good idea.