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    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    Wow. Never thought posting in this forum would actually work within a couple weeks. Dammmmnnn. I'll admit it, I'm proud. I'm sure others simultaneously tweeted it as we were all guided by the ghosts of The Fright.
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    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    The second largest video rental store in San Francisco, Le Video, was going out of business. Every movie was $4. I combed through the cult section looking for gems, and found a dvd rip of this movie sandwiched in an original vhs cover. It. Blew. My. Mind. As an adult, this movie is not scary at all and is in my top five favorite wtf movies alongside can't stop the music and freeway 2: confessions of a trick baby. Learning that Canadians have a collective unrealized nightmare about this movie only makes it more enjoyable. The best parts aren't even the plot--which is impossible to relate without an hour of spare time--but the acting choices of the secondary characters. The 12 year old sister whom you could swear is the forty year old sitcom housewife of her father. The best friend who so badly wants the dad to like him but knows that staying true to himself will win the day. The art critic who loves a generic painting of a family playing tennis, but bites his thumb at a bird painting he considers empty. Top it off with Celine Dion's first English language song and the fact that THIS MOVIE IS INEXPLICABLY AVAILABLE TO STREAM FOR FREE (in high quality) ON AMAZON PRIME RIGHT NOW when before it could only be found off a ripped vhs in the cult section of a dying video store, and you have a masterpiece waiting to be sent up by true pros of the industry. There is something for each of you here. Jason, the aforementioned characters and morbid motifs will get you yelling out loud with your headphones in. Paul, the incomprehensible (but still unravelable) plot will fill your pages with notes. And June, the wildly improper dynamics between adults and children, the moral ambiguity--and of course, the wonderous wardrobe--will have you muttering "oh, we're going to get into IT" almost on par with drop dead fred. Please, please do this movie asap, while it's available. You will be elated that you did.