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    Beach House (1996)

    This is really (kind of) bad-good: Brooke Langton (before Melrose Place fame) is a sorority girl that let's three freshmen (one of them is Chris Hardwick) move in with her in the eponymous beach house in Venice because they don't have a place to stay and the semester has long started. Chaos is inevitable. Chris Hardwick turns into a Jim Morrison imitation/reincarnation and it's absolutely not funny or good in any way. Brooke Langton is obviously very beautiful and keeps the whole story kind of together (as far as that is possible). The movie plays all it's genre cards but not very well. The script/dialogues are ludacris I think you just have to see for yourself. Although this must have been a complete flop (maybe not on VHS), there was even a sequel of sorts with two of the main guys (incl. Chris Hardwick) but Brooke Langton wasn't in it as she was already moving up the ladder with Melrose Place. Beach House was a limited release in February 1996 but mostly DTV and is quite hard to find, I saw it on some classic TV channel by chance.