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    Episode 6.3 — Sketches: Day 3

    I was surprised at how nice a job Left Handed Radio this week. The PA skit was really funny. I can't recall any of their clips from past shows. Totally Laime lived up to its name this week, and I think this may be the beginning of the end for them. It was very painful to listen to. On the judges, Tig, I loved you the first time I heard you, but not so much the last few times.
  2. Whiley Hughes

    Guests you want to see on Sklarbro Country

    Please only guests who have some sports knowledge! Rich Eisen would be good, his podcast does a great job of digging up entertainers who love sports.
  3. Whiley Hughes

    Episode 5.3 — Using the Guest: Day 3

    The judges were spot on this time. Those bottom three were painful to listen to. Side note, I always slide past the opening rant section of WTF to get to the guest interview, so Marc would lose points there in a competition. Also, I am now skipping day one of the segments, I just want to hear the judges and their opinions.