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  1. A brief omission from the FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY episode - None of you mentioned that Anika Noni Rose (who played "The Black Friend") has gone on to have a very successful career in film and on stage. She was one of the leads in DREAMGIRLS (the one who wasn't Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson) and she did the voice of Tiana (the lead) in THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. She also won a Tony in 2004 (the year after FJTK) for a supporting role in CAROLINE, OR CHANGE and was in COMPANY with Neil Patrick Harris.


    I actually thought she was okay in the movie, given the material. I think "okay" is as good as anyone could hope for, honestly.

  2. Not a correction or an omission per se, but I don't think enough attention has been paid to how upsetting this movie truly was. I watched it late in the evening and went to bed immediately after. What followed was a series of horrifying dinner table-set nightmares that ran through my brain like a condiment-filled Lionel Train on its fastest setting. I can't pinpoint exactly why my reaction to this was so visceral compared to any of the other movies featured on HDTGM, but it is easily one of the most deeply unsettling movies I've ever seen.

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  3. Someone who has been in PLENTY of bad movies (as well as good ones) and is incredibly podcast-friendly is the character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. My guess is that if you approached him directly on Twitter (or via David Chen, as I know Paul has been on the /Filmcast in the past), he'd have a suggestion or two from his filmography that should get the HDTGM treatment.

    Stephen has a pretty great sense of humor about the movies he's made, and if you've heard the Tobolowsky Files (and I would guess you're familiar with it), he *always* has great stories about them.