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    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    A valiant effort, Harris. And I'd say 70% of these comments are off-base. It's important to approach this from a Hot's standpoint, thinking of tunes that he might like based on his taste in music, NOT each phan's own favorite crunchy jam-jamz (brah). Suggestions from me: -Chalkdust was a good pick, and rocking songs like it would be as well. The issue is, if you play these, you've GOT to get to at least the first chorus. You can't expect someone used to traditional song structure to even appreciate a studio cut if you don't get through the chorus. Based on Hot's hatred of individual lyrics, I think he'd actually be OK with the lyrics in the chorus of Chalkdust. -Agreed that you should pick one longer workout and play it all the way through. NOT Fluffhead, clearly. Harry seems like a decent pick, thanks to only 2 lines of lyrics. -I'd stay away from much of the newer stuff. I cringe at those lyrics more than anything. If you play Stealing Time, and Hot hears "Got a Clif Bar, and some cold green tea," it's all over. That is of course unless you just want to get a laugh, in which case play Backwards Down the Number Line. Jesus christ. -Gotta play a handful of true instrumentals, respect Hot's Want's. I think he'd dig Buried Alive (and you've got versions out there < 2mins). Landlady too, good pick, hot guitar work right off the bat on the studio version. -Get more cliips of Trey ripping it up, we've confirmed Hot respects his guitar work. Maybe the instrumental bridge of Rift (not sure he'd dig those lyrics), Tweeprise. Again, a WHOLE Chalkdust (6/17/11, anyone?) -If you're gonna play live stuff, play official releases post-'97. The Modulus just sounds undeniably better on a CD, and the overall sound will be fuller. Otherwise they sound a little rinky-dink to someone that doesn't know how the instruments/sound evolved.
  2. FutureCowboy

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    As a first time poster, I'd like to question Harris's PHFandom for not knowing Phish's version of the Also Sprach is a cover of Deodato's version. And not recognizing "Washa Uffize, Drive Me to Firenze" as the official YEM lyric. I'd like to FURTHER question both Harris's and Scott's COMEDYffffAndom for not recognizing that they later listened to the Deodato version and not the Space Hog version, as it's best known as the music from the pivotal scene in Being There, which is probably one of Peter Sellers' greatest performances. Step it up, Hot/Wittels. Step it up.