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  1. Seargent Bunny

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    The listeners do not care about this worthless piece of shit who obiviously scores drugs for the EW crew and his dad is the president of hollywood. No redeeming qualities at all. Just GARBAGE.
  2. Seargent Bunny

    Episode 178.5 — 5/2/14 TWO CHARTED 117

    What is the name of the epic song played during the Kulap chart? I need to hear the whole thing...
  3. Seargent Bunny

    Episode 39 — Unexpected Influences

    JW needs to lay off the fucking drugs and let NCD finsish a fucking thought. And JW needs to finish the fucking thought he started. Where is Jeff Ulrich (Jerry Heller) when we need him?
  4. Seargent Bunny

    Episode 139 — Boring Kanye West

    All right Howard, By my estimation we are of the same age range. I've been a summah lovah since back in the day but until who charted gives some love to First Day of Summah by Toney Carey and Planet P your Summah credibility is lost: I was into this then and I'm still into it now. Sack up Wie Wie.
  5. Seargent Bunny

    Episode 26 — Lead Singer Syndrome

    50yr old white male here who doesn't care about rap at all. I love this podcast. I don't know what they are talking about but i love the way they talk about it. It makes me happy to listen to this although Weiss should shut up and let people finish their thoughts and finish his own thoughts as well. today I loved the Braveheart discussion. "Ni66er got a sword through his chest" Outstanding.