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    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    If Phish is ever on trial for making "good" music, I supremely hope you are not their lawyer. Your presentation would ruin Phish for anyone that hears it. Covers? Vocals? You played no jamming---except for 30 seconds of cross-eyed and painless and Scott LIKED IT. Why? Because this is where Phish surpasses every band that has come before. Your understanding of this is NIL. You don't start with theme from the bottom. My lord. Great song to someone versed in Phish, not to the lay-listener. I mean, seriously. You hit YEM 40 minutes into the discussion and don't even play the jam. It should be mentioned almost right away if not first. Please remove this podcast and stop spreading it around. You do Phish no justice and are completely unqualified to convince anyone of their quality as a band. You make them sound horrible, and if you are really a fan you won't spread this around. In fact, I bet you anything you want I could demonstrate to Scott a completely different band. BTW--Phish's 2001 is a cover of a 70s tune. Same keyboard riff in Spacehog song. Also, "it's wash uffizi, drive me to firenze." Everyone knows this and the story behind it. google it. Thanks for playing the jam, again, btw.