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    Episode 69 — Ronna & Beverly

    This is by far one of the best episodes of Who Charted? I loved loved loved it. I don't even always like Ronna and Bev, but this was pure gold. She wanted things that were unrealistic. Oh, like a family and a future? I could have died. Oh, and it's so funny at the end when you can tell it's getting a little too real for Howard, when he says that he had covered some of these topics with his mother over the weekend. It's too great.
  2. Jenny1326655157

    Episode 12 — Airport Pat Downs

    I love the music in this episode! Does anyone know the name of the song? I googled both Dragoon and Bobby Matthews, and I couldn't find it. I found Dragoon's music, but got nothing for Bobby Matthews. Can anybody help? Thanks! Apparently I just needed to keep looking... It's Miniature Roses by Bobby Matthews, if anyone else cares.
  3. Jenny1326655157

    Episode — Earwolf Challenge Epilogue

    I really do love Matt Besser. No sarcasm. I only really know him from CBB and this show, but he's great. I don't get to see him, or most of these comedy or sketch artists frequently, or ever, really, and all these podcasts on the earwolf have introduced me to some incredible, talented people who bring a lot of joy to what can sometimes be a dull life. I loved to get to hear Matt's personality instead of just a character. Don't get me wrong, I love the characters, but just hearing him riff in an informal setting is so unique and informative. He's got a great personality, and I really appreciate that he did the show. I love that everyone on the earwolf does the shows. You are all fantastic. It really brings me much joy. Even the people who spend a great amount of time complaning and degrading you are getting a ton of pleasure from the shows, I'm sure. So thank you, I love you all. I don't know how this turned into a love letter to earwolf, but it did. You all deserve it. I also wanted to critique the show. So, hah! I like the idea about a host. Kulap, anyone? Although, I would definitely miss Besser introducing himself. That always made me laugh. Oh, and for the 'all contestants hearing the coaching' thing I agree, but I understand the logistics problem, too. Put them on speaker phone and then call them on skype? Low tech bad idea sure. But look at how much praise I heaped above.