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  1. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 68 β€” Flatstock

    Are we gonna talk about Janelle Monae?? YAY! I love The Archandroid so much. This music video drives me crazy it's so cool. Anyone who feat's with of Montreal is cool by me.
  2. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 56 - Finish On Your Face

    2011 is almost over, so let’s finish it on your faces! Nick Kroll is making his Who Charted? debut this week but between his song remix ideas, his first date stories, and his tales of Fernando I think he’s acquired enough comedy credits to earn another appearance! As it is the end of the year our charts are the Top Songs That Have Inspired Who Charted? and the Top : Movies of 2011 followed by a quick game of Chart PiΓ±ata. Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported Who Charted? this year!
  3. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 137.5 β€” Best of 2011 Pt 2

    Foamy, that episode was actually in 2010!
  4. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 55 β€” Crack and Hookers

    Spring is ALSO the birthplace and long-time home of me! Clay and I have been Facebook friends forever based on "OMG SOMEONE ELSE IN SPRING LIKES EARWOLF? BANANAS!" but we never actually met in person. SPRING PRIDE!
  5. CarolineEAnd

    Episode descriptions in iTunes?

    That's my bad. Since Totally Laime operates a little differently than the other shows (aka not recorded IN the studios) sometimes I forget that step. TWILL BE CORRECTED!
  6. CarolineEAnd

    Earwolf weekly newsletter

    You're both dears. Yes, it has been relegated to the blog now. Iz easier to reach a bigger audience. You are delights.
  7. CarolineEAnd

    Drive (2011)

    I don't think you're going to convince any of us to not like Drive. And if you look at websites like Rotten Tomatoes you'll see that we aren't the only ones to convince. I have no problem with you not liking the movie, but it's like suggesting Saving Private Ryan, Godfather, Titanic or Sophie's Choice. I don't necessarily love all those movies, but I know that it's not because the movie is at fault. Critics loved Drive. Audiences loved Drive. Everyone involved took a lot of pride in what they did. It wasn't a flop, it wasn't an embarrassment, it wasn't Old Dogs or Superman III.
  8. CarolineEAnd

    Drive (2011)

    Sounds like someone ISN'T a real human being OR a real hero (I love Drive so hard)
  9. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 95 β€” Comic Books!

    I remember my first pap smear. I doubt I'll ever forget it, and plan on not having one for a long long time. If I'm already lying to my doctor about smoking weed, I figure I might as well lie to keep him/her out of my vag.
  10. CarolineEAnd

    Who Charted? Anniversary Poll!

    Favorite Who Charted? moment? VOTE ON IT! You must be logged in to vote, btway.
  11. CarolineEAnd

    Who Charted? Anniversary Poll!

    Tell us your favorite moments from the year in Who Charted? The top 5 will be announced on our anniversary episode!
  12. It's for the Holidays. We're not putting out any shows on Thanksgiving because 1. That requires some of the Earwolf gang to work on Thanksgiving 2. You'll have your podcasts prior to any Thanksgiving travel. We'll be back to normal next week.
  13. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 41 β€” The Chris Gethard Show

    You LITERALLY could not give me a better compliment. My two most attractive attributes are my punctuality and elocution, which is why I'm super good at convincing people to have sex with me.
  14. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 41 β€” The Chris Gethard Show

    I decided to edit this comment cuz it was all gross and junk. I'm the worst sometimes. I mean really, really awful.
  15. CarolineEAnd

    Who Charted Live

  16. CarolineEAnd

    Earwolf is on Youtube!

    Subscribe for exclusive content, and share your favorite videos with your friends!
  17. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 67 β€” Hard High Five

    If Vitali Klitschko thinks he can be the President of Ukraine, I believe we should nominate Maria Bamford for President of Sklarbro Country. She will rule the country with a sober fist, she will reform the laws regarding Monopoly, she's both a diplomat AND a cheerleader, and she's not afraid to ask for coaching when she needs it. Do all you BamFans agree? She'd make Sklarbro Country a welcome place where Bruce Jenner could come to forget about Kim's failed marriage and Cristiano Ronaldo could reset his email settings. Bamford 2012!
  18. In honor of the launch of our Youtube channel, we're releasing this week's Affirmation Nations as Youtube exclusives. Here is the first episode: Like, subscribe, comment, all that good stuff!
  19. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 66 β€” Sklarington Manor

    You guys, I'm worried about Ms. Pilkington and her begonias!
  20. CarolineEAnd

    Elizabeth On Jordan Jesse Go!

    I'd be more worried about posting something so darn erotic! Loved it, 'Liz!
  21. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 45 β€” Sex Chickens

    In case anyone is interested, the purpose of the whiny vocal exercise is to focus the air stream to the mouth while employing the nasal cavity for resonance. Sincerely, Caroline Spent-Hundreds-Of-Thousands-Of-Dollars-On-Voice-Training-And-Dammit-I'm-Going-To-Use-It Anderson.
  22. CarolineEAnd

    Help I'm turning into a comedy nerd

    Annnnnnnd Caroline swoops in to enable your growing addiction: Comedians of Comedy Mr. Show commentaries I Am Comic The State commentaries AV Club Interviews
  23. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 126 β€” Suicide is Painless

    I'm not sure anything in the world will ever make me as happy as the Suicide is Painless laugh trio during this WYR.
  24. CarolineEAnd

    Yo Welcome you Laime-os

    Good idea, Good! I have a lot of the same favorites (Pally, Harris, Plaza) but I'd add Casey Wilson (55), June Diane Raphael (70) and Paul Rust (69).