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    EPISODE 261 β€” Genesis Jones

  2. CarolineEAnd

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    I wouldn't be there I'm at (in a lot of ways) if it wasn't for your compassion, Jeff. I'm glad you're still in my life even out of a professional sense. We've been lucky to have you! -Caroline
  3. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 94 β€” Hands In The Air

    Fairly outdated information. There is a great part in this article when they talk about rat's desire for sexual pleasure. There are others, that's just the first that came to mind. There is also this from the 2006 Danish Animals Ethics Council Report: Even though the evolution-related purpose of mating can be said to be reproduction, it is not actually the creating of offspring which originally causes them to mate. It is probable that they mate because they are motivated for the actual copulation, and because this is connected with a positive experience. It is therefore reasonable to assume that there is some form of pleasure or satisfaction connected with the act. This assumption is confirmed by the behaviour of males, who in the case of many species are prepared to work to get access to female animals, especially if the female animal is in oestrus, and males who for breeding purposes are used to having sperm collected become very eager, when the equipment they associate with the collection is taken out. There is nothing in female mammals' anatomy or physiology that contradicts that stimulation of the sexual organs and mating is able to be a positive experience. For instance, the clitoris acts in the same way as with women, and scientific studies have shown that the success of reproduction is improved by stimulation of clitoris on (among other species) cows and mares in connection with insemination, because it improves the transportation of the sperm due to contractions of the inner genitalia. This probably also concerns female animals of other animal species, and contractions in the inner genitals are seen e.g. also during orgasm for women. It is therefore reasonable to assume that sexual intercourse may be linked with a positive experience for female animals.
  4. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 141 β€” Jersey Bonding

  5. I do too, and I don't have all that much (other than a hobby that makes me sublimely happy, a job that brings me tears or joy, and a network of friends who I love more than anything else).
  6. SO GLAD JACOB IS ON!!!! Now that one quarter of John Velvet has been on the show, I hope more of them will show up!
  7. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 186 β€” New York Mainstays

    If a show is up on the Earwolf site, it means it's been pushed out to the feeds (including iTunes). If there are feed issues, alert the Earwolf staff so they can investigate where the problem is happening.
  8. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 95 β€” Groove Workshop

    Lupe Fiasco's Yoga Flame also namechecks Zach.
  9. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 44 β€” Straight Holes

    SO HAPPY THEUNE WAS ON! He's one of my absolute favorite improvisers on the planet. If you live in LA and don't already, make a point to see Bangarang whenever they're on Harold night. A better time cannot be had.
  10. Welcome to the first episode of The Fogelnest Files! Jake Fogelnest has scoured the Internet and his personal archives for cool stuff to show you. This first episode was recorded live at UCBEAST as part of the CBGB Festival with special guests Julie Klausner and Chris Gethard! Jake, Julie, and Chris have a civilized discussion about Punk rock by watching a series of clips which include; a tape faced Sex Pistols fan, Jello Biafra explaining the Beastie Boys to Oprah, an infomercial for a hardcore Punk CD compilation, The Ramones on Regis and Kathie Lee, and FEAR’s legendary performance on β€œSaturday Night Live.” Tweens enter at your own risk.
  11. It should work now! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  12. CarolineEAnd

    Gratitude Lists!

    I'm not a dad, am I still allowed to do one? 1. I'm grateful for a mother who is so endlessly supportive of me and what I do. 2. I'm grateful that I'm getting to spend my time EXACTLY the way I want to spend it. 3. I'm grateful to live in a city that offers me endless opportunities to have fun. 4. I'm grateful that in living here 10 short months, I already have a handful of friends who I would do anything for. 5. I'm grateful for a job that makes me excited to get out of bed in the mornings.
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    Frozen Earwolf

    Oh what, you mean https://twitter.com/carolineeand ? #ShamelessPlug
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    Frozen Earwolf

    Should work now. Thanks!