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    Episode 4.2 — Recurring Segments: Day 2

    Ben, you can read about that on the Blog: http://www.earwolf.com/category/the-earwolf-challenge/
  3. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 116 — When I Go To Queens...

    Oh my god! How GREAT would an episode with Bob Ducca and Marissa Wompler be? Oh wow....
  4. CarolineEAnd

    My One and Only Criticism

    A train on rolling skates seem so sad. Don't cry, rolling skate train.
  5. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 4.1 — Recurring Segments: Day 1

    This episode made me think about my favorite sketch shows and what they did that constituted "recurring segments." My favorite show of all time, sketch or no, is The State. I guess you could call the "Hi, We're The State" pieces Michael Ian Black did as recurring segments, although I think there are just 4 or 5 of those in total. You could maybe say Louie or Doug or Barry & Levon, but they didn't show up all too often either. What do you guys think?
  6. I'm with Buddy about Cole and Vanessa. Especially Vanessa. Please Vanessa.
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    how do i change my display name?

    You're welcome, mortal!
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    Great Starter Episodes

    I think like many people, my response to meeting all the Challenge contestants was "I HAVE TO LISTEN TO ALL OF THESE PODCASTS NOW!" so I figured I'd start a thread for good starter episodes. I'll start off by suggesting a few good Totally Laime starter episodes: Paul F. Tompkins is their guest this week which...I mean, come on! You know the deal with him (he's great). In their introductory sample they used bits from the Aubrey Plaza and Adam Pally episodes. Those are both tons of fun. Lastly, Earwolf favorites Harris Wittels and Paul Scheer have both guested and their episodes are super great. I read a lot of forum posts from listeners saying that they've been listening to Totally Laime since Wittels appearance, so it's definitely an addictive episode. What do you guys think? I read a lot of comments from The F Plus fans. What's a good starter episode for that one?
  9. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 34 — It\'s Pronounced \"RO-bits\"

    Sean, you're thinking of Steve Oedekerk who did the thumb videos. Two totally unrelated people.
  10. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 3.3 — Concept & Content: Day 3

    I really love the conversation going on in this thread. Something that I've seen echoed by several posters that is especially impressive and comforting to me is the emphasis on positivity. I agree with many of you in that I'd rather hear comedy stem from celebration rather than the breaking down of something. I can certainly get my snark on, but my sensibilities are less Gawker and more HelloGiggles if that makes sense (it probably does to one person). Something that I enjoy about Earwolf programs is that even when it approximates negativity it doesn't become judgmental or hateful. HDTGM generally stays more in the "HOLY SHIT" range than the "THIS SUCKZ" and Who Charted is 1 part "Who listens to this??" and 9 parts "What would you do if your kid changed his name to Afrojack?". I'm glad that this quality is being noticed and valued by other listeners. Now off to listen to Belle & Sebastian and talk about sunshine...
  11. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 3.3 — Concept & Content: Day 3

    I'd compare judging sound quality in this challenge to judging an outfit on Project Runway based on a big stain. If the stain is big enough, nobody will notice the garment. It's the first thing that draws your eye and needs to be fixed. Plus, it might demonstrate carelessness on the part of the designer which is symptomatic of a larger problem. I only watched one season of Project Runway, so I'm not sure why I chose that analogy.
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    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    I'm pretty sure Paul did the Matzah bread rap and Ken did the "yeahs"
  13. CarolineEAnd

    Can't find this great bit I remember

    If you can give me any specifics I'm sure I'll know it, it's just too vague right now.
  14. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    If you don't hear from me in the next few hours, it's because I'm getting an "Eyes are the losers in the skies" tattoo.
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    I just read The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson You know what's a good book? The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson! Go read it nerds!
  16. ...whaddabout Justin Timberlake?
  17. CarolineEAnd

    What's the Who Charted intro song?

    Apollo 9 by Adam and the Ants (or Adam Ant, depending on who you ask).
  18. CarolineEAnd

    Girl Stuff

    The first day I wore my The Wolf Dead shirt I had FOUR people ask me about it (and of course I was fucking obnoxious about it and was telling them exact episodes to listen to and whatnot).
  19. CarolineEAnd

    What is the timeline of the challenge?

    Everyone should! We are adding great new bloggers every day and we'll be unveiling a lot of new features. Check it outz!
  20. CarolineEAnd

    What is the timeline of the challenge?

    Frank goes a bit into the timeline in this blogpost: http://www.earwolf.com/2011/07/the-earwolf-challenge-week-2/
  21. CarolineEAnd

    Girl Stuff

    I love the idea of Frank sitting in the Earwolf studio cutting and tying up all the t-shirts to our specifications (I know that's not what Julia suggested but it's what I'M suggesting!). When I was young and took dance class there were mothers who would take all of the Dance Team Sweatshirts and hot glue rhinestones over the logo. I feel like Frank is COMPLETELY capable of doing that to our tees in his free time.
  22. CarolineEAnd

    Girl Stuff

    It's really tough for a number of reasons. First of all, female listeners only make up for 14% of our listeners, although they're WITHOUT A DOUBT the better, smarter listeners (shout out to Julia, Summer, Charlotte, Rachel, and all my other favorite lady listeners). Merch isn't super financially lucrative, so it's hard to justify making a new product that will only appeal to such a small percentage of the listenership. Personally, I'm the type who always buys the "unisex" even when a babydoll or ladies tee is available so maybe I'm not doing a good job of representing the female faction. So there are a lot of factors involved, but Earwolf loves our lady listeners and we're definitely open to any ideas anyone has. I also love the idea of having a lady thread on here, because as I mentioned, Lady Earwolves are the best.
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    Google Plus

    Are yall plus'in it yet? What do you think? If anyone wants to add me: https://plus.google.com/111058957104504245850/about I'll totally circle you (I'm making up my own slang).
  24. CarolineEAnd

    Google Plus

    That sounds awesome! I'd totally be down! Let's figure out a good time and get to work on it!
  25. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 32 — Papa Don\'t Preach

    I'm with you Julia. I think Kelly is so beautiful, smart, nice, and funny. I thought she was so delightful on this episode. After listening I revisited some episodes of The Osbournes, and it's WILD how scandalized the nation was by the show compared to, say, Jersey Shore. It's so much tamer than ANYTHING on television right now. I so enjoyed this episode.