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  1. CarolineEAnd

    Can't find this great bit I remember

    If you can give me any specifics I'm sure I'll know it, it's just too vague right now.
  2. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    If you don't hear from me in the next few hours, it's because I'm getting an "Eyes are the losers in the skies" tattoo.
  3. ...whaddabout Justin Timberlake?
  4. CarolineEAnd

    What's the Who Charted intro song?

    Apollo 9 by Adam and the Ants (or Adam Ant, depending on who you ask).
  5. CarolineEAnd

    Girl Stuff

    The first day I wore my The Wolf Dead shirt I had FOUR people ask me about it (and of course I was fucking obnoxious about it and was telling them exact episodes to listen to and whatnot).
  6. CarolineEAnd

    What is the timeline of the challenge?

    Everyone should! We are adding great new bloggers every day and we'll be unveiling a lot of new features. Check it outz!
  7. CarolineEAnd

    What is the timeline of the challenge?

    Frank goes a bit into the timeline in this blogpost: http://www.earwolf.com/2011/07/the-earwolf-challenge-week-2/
  8. CarolineEAnd

    Girl Stuff

    I love the idea of Frank sitting in the Earwolf studio cutting and tying up all the t-shirts to our specifications (I know that's not what Julia suggested but it's what I'M suggesting!). When I was young and took dance class there were mothers who would take all of the Dance Team Sweatshirts and hot glue rhinestones over the logo. I feel like Frank is COMPLETELY capable of doing that to our tees in his free time.
  9. CarolineEAnd

    Girl Stuff

    It's really tough for a number of reasons. First of all, female listeners only make up for 14% of our listeners, although they're WITHOUT A DOUBT the better, smarter listeners (shout out to Julia, Summer, Charlotte, Rachel, and all my other favorite lady listeners). Merch isn't super financially lucrative, so it's hard to justify making a new product that will only appeal to such a small percentage of the listenership. Personally, I'm the type who always buys the "unisex" even when a babydoll or ladies tee is available so maybe I'm not doing a good job of representing the female faction. So there are a lot of factors involved, but Earwolf loves our lady listeners and we're definitely open to any ideas anyone has. I also love the idea of having a lady thread on here, because as I mentioned, Lady Earwolves are the best.
  10. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 32 — Papa Don\'t Preach

    I'm with you Julia. I think Kelly is so beautiful, smart, nice, and funny. I thought she was so delightful on this episode. After listening I revisited some episodes of The Osbournes, and it's WILD how scandalized the nation was by the show compared to, say, Jersey Shore. It's so much tamer than ANYTHING on television right now. I so enjoyed this episode.
  11. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 32 - Water Slides & Pizza

    Austin, you can ALWAYS find the bonus charts on Earwolf. There is one for each episode! Only sometimes are they included in the ep themselves. But there is always a bonus chart to be had
  12. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 32 - Water Slides & Pizza

    I don't think anyone has ever laughed as hard as I did when Sloppy Timmy came on. Also, now Who Charted? and CBB are tied in the number of members of The State they've had on, and that's a contest everyone wins!
  13. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 1.2 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 2

    Yeah, there were some edits and updates since I wrote my notes so they weren't completely accurate. I went ahead and fixed 'em up. Go Totally Laime!
  14. CarolineEAnd


    I haven't seen this movie since it came out, but I LOOOOVED it when it did. Yes, it's camp-y but in a really delightful way. And if I recall correctly, the character wasn't actually bisexual, just so eager to feel sexually desired that he hit on a gay male friend.
  15. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 13.5 - Minisode 14

    Comic book movies are huge right now! But unlike past summers with The Dark Knight, Kick-Ass, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, we're stuck with Green Lantern and its whopping 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. Who knows why it's such a failure, but I'm sure the dumb poem isn't helping. Leave your better poems here on Earwolf and on Facebook.
  16. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 10 - Fate

    Nick Kroll is one of the most prolific Earwolf guests, so he was destined to show up on Professor Blastoff! That is, if destiny exists. Destiny or fate, or karma, or astrology, or free will. It's all up for grabs this week, along with a pre-posthumous message from Tig and Nick's new "Weird Gypsy" character. I would say to enjoy it, but perhaps your enjoyment has already been determined. Trippy, right?
  17. CarolineEAnd

    New Yorkers...

    Also, Todd, you kind of can't go wrong with the UCB. It's cheap and it's some of the best performers in the state. And yes, as Julia mentioned, there is always On Tour.
  18. I'm going to stay impartial and not start the Ben Schwartz chant, but if SOMEONE ELSE wants to start it I will gladly join in!
  19. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 31 — Dragon Boy Suede and Oates

    Okay, the episode is streaming but not the bonus charts. I'll look into this!
  20. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 31 — Dragon Boy Suede and Oates

    I'm streaming it just fine. I think you might have just hit it during a glitchy time.
  21. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 6 — Independence Day

    Daniel: This should work- http://hw.libsyn.com/p/2/d/c/2dcc114d1422f419/TAS_5_MAIN.mp3?sid=3bf236610ecc75b008d7a649fad6cac5&l_sid=32255&l_eid=&l_mid=2623518
  22. CarolineEAnd

    Henderson at the Hot Dog eating contest

    Via Twitter (@DeepDishEats)- Dear sklars. The headband was for sklones everywhere. HENDERSON!
  23. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    Jesse, you can download it from here without problem- http://comedydeathrayradio.libsyn.com/111-david-guy-levy-harris-wittels-brett-gelman?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+comedydeathrayradio+%28Comedy+Bang+Bang%3A+The+Podcast%29&utm_content=FeedBurner Hopefully we'll figure out what's been going wrong with the direct downloads. In the future, if there is ever an issue, try out the RSS feed and see if that download works. In today's case, it does.
  24. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    Regarding TV vs. Podcasts- I effing love television. I (think I) want to work in television. Television made me a comedy nerd and I think there is SO much great television I'm enjoying right now....television that I watch from my iPod or streaming off of Amazon or on Hulu or Netflix. I think that television as a structure is great. 20 minutes, 3 acts, it's a GREAT way to be entertained. But I think what will happen is that "television" will leave TV and so people really will have the option of "Will I listen to Who Charted or watch Childrens Hospital" because they will consume both types of media using the same device. That's just what I've observed.
  25. CarolineEAnd

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    I really enjoyed listening to this episode. I don't think I'll be the only one who was answering the questions along with Dustin, Mike, and Julia. Thus, I will bore you with my how-I-started-listening story: I started listening (watching) the Best Week Ever podcast and after about a week it got cancelled. It was about a year later that I remembered podcasting was a thing. This was between The State on DVD being announced and being released and I spent the bulk of my time searching for press regarding the DVDS. I read something on Tom Lennon's Twitter about being on a podcast so I went into iTunes, put in his name, and downloaded every thing that came up including the first ever episode of CBB (then CDR). I first listened to Tom, Kerri, and Ken on The Sound of Young America and found it very enlightening. Then I listened to CBB and IMMEDIATELY went back to iTunes following the "You might also like" train until I had about 15 subscriptions. I spent that summer housesitting so I just listened to podcasts every single hour of every single day. I listened to CBB stream on Indie 103 starting with Besser/Leggero/Agee episode and the rest is history!