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  1. You are in for a treat today! Rich Eisen is here and he is as great a candidate for Sklarbro citizenship as you’d imagine! He tells us about his experiences doing stand-up in college. He talks about the early days of Sports Center. He predicts the future of Tim Tebow. He laments the poor decisions of Michael Bolton. He’s more multi-talented than a juggling triathlete, and you guys will love hearing all about his fascinating life. Plus, you love Weekly Wahlberg, so why not invite Mark to sit down with us for an extended look at his brother, his burgers, and his biceps. Tune into United Stats of America on the History Channel, and GO BLUE!



    108 is also my special number! I've never met anyone else who has shared this. Clearly, Lesley and I are soulmates who need to start a club ("The Pentagon Club" because there are 108 degrees in each interior angle in a regular pentagon?) and be BFFS.


    Love this episode. Love Girls.

  3. "Josie may not be a pure, perfect, or uncompromised film, but it is funny, clever, and sweet. Elfont and Kaplan delivered the edgiest live-action Josie And The Pussycats possible, but it’s still, you know, a live-action adaptation of a comic book designed to sell tickets and ancillary merchandise (like the presumably subliminal-message-free soundtrack) in addition to teaching young people to be more skeptical and cynical about the messages they’re bombarded with. Undoubtedly the single most ambitious, subversive, and satirical feature-film adaptation of an Archie comic, Josie And The Pussycats gives us a sly, sustained spoof of consumerism, infectious pop songs, and cute girls in tight pants. What’s not to like? " - Nathan Rabin, The A.V. Club

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