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  1. Works now for me too, thanks!
  2. I'm having the same issue, I pretty much only use howl through the app and it looks like the nnf archives are not there yet Looking forward to the older episodes though
  3. Podricast

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Agreed, premium RSS feeds (like nnf for example) would be very appreciated. I just don't think the howl app will ever compete with any dedicated podcast app's functionality
  4. Podricast

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    I totally knew the surprise twist of "I was accused of a serious crime" was coming at the end, Although I was a little surprised it wasn't a sexual crime
  5. Podricast

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    It was kind of odd that he bragged that the Tom cruise character in magnolia was based on him... Maybe he never saw the movie?
  6. Podricast

    Episode 4 — Superfast 4G

    just wanted to chime in, and say this was a great episode. the tmobile stuff had me rolling, and glad to see you guys touch on the ultimate fighter...julian has provided a wealth of soundbites this season, but the "let me bang" has been the cream of the crop
  7. Podricast

    In Time

    some talented actors, but the dialog is just so looney and tries extremely hard to make cutesy distractingly knowing "time" puns... this would be a good on to do
  8. Podricast


    haywire is a really good movie all around...dont know what you watched
  9. Scott's IFC show is as perfect as it can be given the limited timeslot in my opinion...I really am only annoyed at IFC (a tiny bit) Does anyone think IFC kind of spoils too many jokes in their preview during the commercial breaks? 2 that come to mind are the murder of michael cera and last nights being discovered by a giant...in both cases those would have been much funnier if IFC didnt just spoil them, and i kind of dont get the point, because they are showing these clips to people who are currently watching the show...its almost like they think they need to show something shocking and crazy to keep the audience... anyway, just my two cents...does this bother anyone else when IFC does that, or am i just being a stickler?
  10. does anyone else see a little Kremer here?
  11. Rite aid sells thrifty icecream which has the flavor chocolate malted crunch... This is THE BEST ice cream. If youre afraid of the cone, go pick up a tub... It's seriously the best and is not on the level of 711 foods
  12. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/ibrain-read-mind-enlists-stephen-hawking-223110217.html i hope he copywrote it
  13. Podricast

    Episode 43 — Taste

    This was hilarious obviously. I think dr Keller = jenn kirkman .... Anyone else notice a similarity in voice/cadence? I've also never seen them in the same room at the same time....or different times for that matter